Quantum Physics for Nanotechnology and Information Processing

Professor Vladimir Privman uses quantum physics for nanotechnology and information processing. His main contributions in this field have been in developing and evaluating approaches to utilize semiconductor heterostructures and quantum wells, based on the present silicon device technology, for quantum information processing (quantum computing). He has also worked in modeling growth of small particles, their transport, and interactions with/positioning on surfaces. The new developing subjects of quantum computation and information, quantum cryptography, spintronics, and novel use of semiconductor and laser technology in nanosize applications, fit within the National nanotechnology initiative. Specifically, Professor Privman has received funding from the Air Force and the U.S. Army Research Office, the latter from a program sponsored by the National Security Agency and ARDA.

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Dr. Dana M. Barry

Editor Dr. Dana Barry Receives Award

Dr. Dana M. Barry, CAMP's Technical Writer and Editor, received an APEX 2000 Award for Publication Excellence. Her winning entry was the CAMP Annual Report Newsletter (1998-1999). The award, from Communications Concepts Inc. of Springfield, VA, was based on editorial content and overall communications effectiveness and excellence. Dana has won this award five years in a row. She is a Certified Professional Chemist, an officer of the Northern New York Section of the American Chemical Society, and has over 60 professional publications including books, television scripts, and Journal features.

In addition, Dr. Barry organized the World's First Marslink Mission. The Mission, held in October at Clarkson's Center for Advanced Materials Processing, was sponsored by the Northern New York Section of the American Chemical Society. Marslink is the educational component Mission of the Mars Global Surveyor Mission. It includes Space Education materials, a Mission simulation, and the linking of students via the Internet to a spacecraft to receive live data from Mars. Over 2000 teams around the world are expected to participate. Clarkson's Mission team members are from the following organizations: Clarkson University, Ansted University (Malaysia) and Co-Founder Dr. Roger Haw, St. Mary's School (Canton, NY), and Norwood Norfolk Central School (Norwood, NY).


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