CAMP's Annual Technical Meeting was held May 14-16, 2003 in Saratoga Springs, New York. The very successful meeting had over 80 attendees including representatives of Industry, University and New York State Economic Development Organizations.

The keynote speakers included Dr. Paul Horn ( SRVP & Director of Research, IBM) and Dr. Dominic Ventura (VP Global Technical Services, Wyeth). Dr. Horn's keynote address was entitled "Key Trends in Information Technology." The title of the keynote address presented by Dr. Ventura was "Process Analytical Technologies." In addition Dr. Russell Bessette, Executive Director of New York State's Office of Science, Technology, and Academic Research (NYSTAR), gave an introductory talk about "New Initiatives at NYSTAR."

This year's meeting had a record number of posters. They were judged in three categories: most attractive, most creative, and best overall. Certificates were presented by CAMP's Dr. Dana Barry to the first, second, and third place winners of each category. The judges were Dr. T.T. Srinivasan (Ferro Electronic Material Systems), Dr. Michael McDonald (the Procter & Gamble Company), Dr. Charles Davis (IBM), and Yoshikazu Nishida (Rodel Nitta Company). The winners are listed below.

Best Overall Poster First Place:

First Place: "The Effects of Particle Adhesion in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing" Authors are Professors Babu and Matijevic' and Zhenyu Lu

Second Place: "Comparison of Glycine and Citric Acid as Complexing Agents in Copper Chemical-Mechanical Polishing" Authors are Professor Babu and Venkata Gorantla

Third Place: "Insulin Generating Implantable Membrane: Potential Artificial Pancreas" Authors are Professor Partch, Nathaniel Barney, Todd Fountain, and collaborators at W.L. Gore & Associates

Most Attractive Poster

First Place: "Human Epithelial Cells Change Rigidity with Aging: AFM Study in -Vitro" Authors are Professor Sokolov, T. Berdyyeva and C. Woodworth

Second Place: "Development of an Abrasive Free Solution for High Material Removal Cu CMP" Authors are Professor Li, Jason Keleher and Kenneth Rushing

Third Place: "Study of Slurry Composition Transition in a Rotary Copper CMP Process" Authors are Professor Babu, Sharath Hegde, Anurag Jindal, Udaya Patri, and Ying Li



CAMP Annual Technical Meeting

Most Creative Poster

First Place: "Model of Controlled Synthesis of Uniform Colloid Particles: Cadmium Sulfide" Authors are Professors Privman, Matijevi and Goia and Gorshkov & Sergiy Libert

Second Place: "Human Epithelial Cells Change Rigidity with Aging: AFM Study in-Vitro" Authors are Professor Sokolov, T. Berdyyeva and C. Woodworth

Third Place: "Nanoparticle Removal with Pulsed Lasers" Authors are Professor Cetinkaya, Vamsi Devarapalli, and Ivin Varghese


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