CAMP's Annual Technical Meeting

Canandaigua, New York
May 12-14, 2004


CAMP's Ninth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

Hilton Resort Lake Placid, New York August 8-11, 2004


CAMP's Board of Directors and Fall Meeting

Clarkson University Potsdam, New York October 20-22, 2004


  CAMP's Tenth International Symposium on
Chemical- Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

Hilton Resort, Lake Placid, New York
August 14-17, 2005


(For information about CAMP industrial short courses, please call Professor Richard Partch at 315-268-2351 or send e-mail to him at partch@clarkson.edu).

** Information, on these and other CAMP events, is available at the CAMP web site at http://www.clarkson.edu/camp.


Praxair Electronics is working with CAMP to develop advanced sensor technology to detect the end of useful life of physical vapor deposition sputtering targets used in advance integrated circuit manufacturing. The End of Life detection systems will greatly increase the utilization of the very high purity sputtering targets thereby increasing the important cost of ownership of the sputtering target and the overall IC manufacturing. CAMP is providing the computational analysis and hardware design for the program. The actual testing of the sensors will take place in Praxair Electronics' Application Laboratory which is equipped with the state of the art physical vapor deposition tools."

Keith Blakely, C.E.O. of NanoDynamics (a Corporate Member of CAMP) said, "NanoDynamics has established commercial production of nanosized and micron sized metal powders utilizing a novel chemical precipitation process developed at CAMP under Professor Dan Goia. The program was timely, cost-effective, and successful in establishing a new material for the microelectronics industry that should outperform existing products and lead to significant growth in our organization and for the customers who adopt and use this material in their products. We intend to create a satellite development and pilot production laboratory in Potsdam in order to shorten the time and distance between problem or opportunity identification and the application and implementation of Clarkson expertise."

John Prendergast, Business Manager at Ferro Electronic Material Systems ( a CAMP Corporate Sponsor) describes a productive and long lasting relationship between Ferro Corporation and Clarkson's CAMP. "Ferro Corporation has been working with CAMP for over fifteen years. Our association with the University started with attendance at CAMP meetings, in which CAMP had a desire to align itself with New York State companies. From the beginning, and today as a member of CAMP, Ferro Electronic Material Systems recognizes the quality of research that is being undertaken at Clarkson University and immediately wants to incorporate this research, both theoretical as well as practical into the R&D programs underway within our business unit. Ferro Corporation manufactures and produced materials for the electronics industry. The work that is undertaken at CAMP ranges from the theoretical modeling to development of novel materials, processes and systems for use in the electronics market. Ferro has aligned itself with CAMP to take advantage of the research from the University, to move the developments of CAMP into salable products that are produced competitively for supply to a global electronics industry. We are proud of the fact that Ferro Corporation, while sponsoring and funding research at Clarkson University / CAMP, has been able to leverage its association with CAMP to create new ideas, products, and new jobs for New York State."

From left: Clarkson's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) Deputy Director Edward P. McNamara, Dr. Russell W. Bessette, M.D., Executive Director of the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR), and Ferro Corporation's Business Manager John E. Prendergast. Dr. Bessette visited Ferro Corporation's Penn Yan electronic materials plant in October 2003. He was a guest of Ferro's John Prendergast and CAMP's Edward McNamara, to review Ferro's multi-million dollar investment in personnel, plant and equipment based on chemical- mechanical planarization technology developed at CAMP. Ferro Corporation is a CAMP Corporate Sponsor.

"This is an excellent example of NYSTAR's objective to facilitate the transfer of technology from university laboratories to New York State industry," said Dr. Bessette, whose agency provides financial support to CAMP.