Chemical engineers are at the forefront of developing products useful to mankind while assuring the safe and environmentally sound manufacture, application and disposal of chemical products. AIChE members are also working to develop technically viable, commercially feasible, and environmentally and socially sustainable solutions.

The grade of Fellow is a special category of AIChE membership that identifies and honors members who made a meaningful impact on the chemical engineering profession.

Subramanian received a B. Tech. in chemical engineering from the University of Madras , India, in 1968. He earned an M.S. in 1969 and a Ph.D. in 1972 from Clarkson University. After a year of post-doctoral research at SUNY Buffalo, Subramanian returned to join the chemical engineering faculty at Clarkson in 1973, serving as chair of the department from 1986 to 1996. He spent sabbatical leaves visiting NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech in 1979-80, and Harvard University and MIT in 2004.

Professor Subramanian's area of research interests are in transport and interfacial phenomena. In 1978, he began working on the motion of bubbles and drops driven by interfacial tension ingredients, eventually conducting experiments aboard flights of the Space Shuttle in 1994 and 1996. In addition to educating numerous undergraduate students, he has supervised 15 Ph.D. and 18 M.S. theses, and has co-authored 116 publications, including a monograph on the motion of bubbles and drops in reduced gravity published in 2001 by Cambridge University Press. Subramanian has been recognized by Clarkson through the Graham Research Award in 1978 and the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1981. He also received the Dow Outstanding Young Faculty Award from the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in 1980.

Professor Sergiy Minko (the Egon Matijevic' Chaired Professor of Chemistry

Clarkson Professor Sergiy Minko Co-Authors One of the Most Accessed Articles in Langmuir, a highly regarded Scientific Journal

Professor Sergiy Minko (the Egon Matijevic' Chaired Professor of Chemistry at Clarkson University) co-authored the paper that describes how copolymer molecules grafted onto a substrate solid were used to create a responsive polymer surface consisting of a densely packed monolayer of copolymer molecules. The layer’s response then allows for the switching of the surface properties of the solid by changing the solvent selectivity or pH of the aqueous environment. ( Lupitskyy, R.; Roiter, Y.; Tsitsilianis, C.; Minko, S. “From Smart Polymer Molecules to Responsive Nanostructured Surfaces.”Langmuir 2005, 21(19), 8591-8593.)

"This research is fascinating from a purely scientific approach, but also because it demonstrates conclusively scientists' ability to manipulate surface characteristics of materials," remarked Minko. "The biomedical applications are infinite."

Minko and Clarkson Professors S.V. Babu and Igor Sokolov (Physics) have established the Interdisciplinary Nanostructured Materials Group to explore fabrication and study of synthetic and biomaterials at the nanoscale level. Their research emphasis is on materials for biomedical application, sensors and molecular electronics. Some of this research is supported by a $2 million contract with the Army Research Office.

Langmuir is named for renowned physicist and chemist Irving Langmuir, who is credited with developing modern surface chemistry. The publication is devoted to reporting new and original experimental and theoretical research in the fields of colloids, surfaces and interfaces. Langmuir has ranked #1 in citations in the field of physical chemistry for four consecutive years.

CAMP hosts dinner with Dr. Russell Bessette and several Company Executives. From left: Dr. Russell Bessette (Executive Director of NYSTAR), Alan Everett (President of EverFab), Dr. Santokh Badesha (Xerox Fellow at Xerox), and Distinguished University Professor S.V. Babu (CAMP Director).

CAMP Hosts Dinner with NYSTAR Executive Director Dr. Russell Bessette and Several Company Executives in Buffalo

Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) hosted a dinner meeting for Dr. Russell Bessette, Executive Director of NYSTAR, with several Buffalo area CAMP members and Company Executives at the Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY. Participants included Steve Rohring ( President of Apex Technologies), Jim Leimkuehler and Mac Shearer ( both of Apex Technologies), Alan Everett (President of EverFab), Keith Blakely (Chief Executive Officer of NanoDynamics), Dr. Alan Rae (Vice President of NanoDynamics), Dr. Santokh Badesha (Xerox Fellow at Xerox), David Kloss and Vincent Lo Tempio (both of Kloss Stenger Kroll Lo Tempio), Allen Rohring (Nuclear Alloys Corporation), Chris Kelly and Paul Brodzik (both of Derrick Corporation), David Reed (Digital Resources), Ken Siddall (Cerbide), Edward McNamara (Consultant and former CAMP Deputy Director), and Dr. William America (CAMP Deputy Director). Also Dr. Prasad from the University of Buffalo and Distinguished University Professor / CAMP Director Professor Babu were in attendance.

The dinner introduced Dr. Bessette to high level executives from Buffalo area companies that have worked closely with CAMP, particularly over the past several years.