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The CAMM, a national R&D Center, is working to determine the feasibility of Roll to Roll manufacturing of flexible electronics. The CAMM is a component of the New York State Center of Excellence in Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S3IP).

Developing the next generation of Electronic Packaging will require the development of new or modified processes. Utilizing the understanding of past or well defined technologies may shorten the time to market, however technical challenges will have to be overcome. The concept for low cost flexible electronic packaging has a lot of appeal. It holds the promise to lower the cost of those items that will be purchased in the future. What is required to bring this low cost flexible packing to market?

On January 4, 2008, Professors from CAMP/Clarkson University traveled to Binghamton, NY for meetings with Dr. Bahgat Sammakia, CAMM Director at Binghamton University and Dr. Mark Poliks, CAMM Technical Director, and Director of R&D at Endicott Interconnect. The CAMP faculty included: Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi, Dr. Don Rasmussen, Dr. Dan Goia, Dr. Ian Suni, Dr. John McLaughlin, and Jack Prendergast, Deputy Director of CAMP. The meetings included a tour of the CAMM Center at EI and additional Center of Excellence laboratories at Binghamton University. Tours were followed by presentations by faculty from all three organizations.

Development of low cost flexible packaging holds the promise of new products for the consumer as well as reducing the cost of other products. The concept of low cost flexible displays could be arm bands that play movies, or where you can read text sent by a friend or co-worker. Smart medical devices can be envisioned; bandages that may monitor infections and wounds and look at the rate of healing. Devices can be envisioned that will improve our lives and solve technical issues facing us in every day living; cheap and flexible solar panels that can be applied to our roofs, or attached to the sides of our houses and places of business. The uses for products like these are limitless and expand with one's imagination.

Future talks will be held between CAMP/Clarkson University, Binghamton University and Endicott Interconnect on the subject of Flexible Packaging. The organizations will endeavor to look for opportunities for cooperation between the organizations that show promise for solving technical issues faced by EI in bringing this product to market.



CAMP Professor Narayanan Neithalath Receives Career Award

Professor Narayanan Neithalath

CAMP Professor Narayanan Neithalath, of Clarkson University's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, recently received the NSF CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation. The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program grants the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards to professors in the early stages of their careers. The award supports the educational activities of teacher-scholars who have proven to successfully integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization. These activities promise to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of contributions to research and education. Professor Neithalath's project proposal titled "Linking Pore Structure, Performance, and Material Design of a Sustainable Macroporous Concrete for Multifunctional Applications" earned him the special distinction from the NSF. Professor Neithalath is active in research relating to the development, characterization and the modeling of novel and multifunctional cement based materials and the utilization of waste materials in concrete. Other funding for his research comes from NYSERDA, NYSTAR (through CAMP), and the New York State Department for Economic Development.