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New York Solar Thermal Consortium Representatives


From left: Clarkson University President Anthony Collins, Clarkson Professor Douglas Bohl, and CAMP Director/Distinguished University Professor S.V. Babu.


From left: Mr. Vincent Cozzolino (President of the Solar Energy Consortium), Mr. Frank Falatyn (President of Fala Technologies), Clarkson University President Anthony Collins, US Congressman Maurice Hinchey (22nd District of New York), Mr. Ron Kamen (President of Earth Kind Solar, Inc.), and Mr. Sebastian Goeres (Consultant, Droege Inc.).

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The New York State Solar Thermal Consortium

CAMP/Clarkson University, working in collaboration with other organizations in New York State, has launched the New York State Solar Thermal Consortium.  Leading the efforts at CAMP/Clarkson University, are Dr. Douglas Bohl, a professor in the University's Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, and Mr. Jack Prendergast, Deputy Director of CAMP.

Even though 42 million solar thermal systems have been installed worldwide, the U.S. has been slow to adopt this technology. However, the U.S. sentiment is changing. As the nation's focus on renewable energy continues to grow exponentially, the expectation is that so too will the adoption of solar thermal technology.  Leading solar thermal companies around the world are looking to establish production facilities in the U.S. Most states will be aggressive in trying to attract new business, especially because of the recent business climate across the country. Individual states will have to compete and the window of opportunity will be small for them to attract these solar thermal companies. New York State (NYS), a first mover, is heavily focused on pursuing its solar thermal industry development. This new industry will create manufacturing and high skilled jobs and drive the development of a new sustainable industry.

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