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Virtushpere, Inc. Visits Clarkson University 


Virtusphere Exhibit at Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP). 


Virtusphere, Inc., of Binghamton, NY, recently visited Clarkson University's campus to demonstrate their Virtusphere product and to hold discussions about it with the faculty.  During the visit, a ten foot virtusphere was assembled in the CAMP foyer for students and professors to view. They also had an opportunity to enjoy the virtusphere experience and to ask Jim DiMascio (COO of Virtusphere, Inc.) questions.


Virtusphere, Inc. develops and markets a locomotion platform that enhances virtual reality and 3D entertainment. Virtusphere allows users to be completely immersed into their virtual experience. The Virtusphere product enables 360° freedom of movement: users can walk, jump, and run over an unlimited distance without encountering real world physical obstacles. 


The virtusphere is a new locomotion platform that provides infinite space for the most immersive virtual experience.  Applications for virtusphere include but are not limited to entertainment and gaming, health and fitness, museums, and education to name a few. Current game technology allows users to play a game. With Virtusphere, users play in the game.


During his visit to CAMP, Mr. DiMascio spoke with faculty members representing various disciplines at the University: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, and other departments. He told them that the goal of the virtusphere demonstration is to build a working relationship between CAMP/Clarkson University and to explore opportunities within the University that will evolve into research projects.  These projects would allow Virtusphere, Inc. to improve and/or expand their offerings to the Virtual Reality Marketplace. 


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The vision for this Institute is to foster the transformation and development of sustainable businesses and organizations in New York State in a collaborative program committed to making the State a leader in environmental stewardship.

The mission of the organization is to provide a state-wide, comprehensive and integrated program of research, technology development and diffusion, outreach, training and education aimed at making New York State more sustainable for workers, the public, the environment and the economy.

NYSP2I's goal is to provide full geographic coverage of Pollution Prevention programs and services across the state. This will be achieved through a number of mechanisms including strategic partnerships with the RTDCs, other technical assistance providers in the public and private sectors, universities, and non-profit organizations.

The one day meeting, held at Clarkson under the guidance of Dr. Roshan Jachuck, reviewed research projects involving the Institute and CAMP/Clarkson University.  One component includes manufacturing techniques that are being investigated at Kodak, Inc. for the development of novel toner materials using process intensification. In the Food Industry, collaborative efforts between CAMP/Clarkson University and CITEC at Losurdo Cheese, Inc. involve the use of rotating thin liquid films for the reduction of the landfill waste.  This is done by increasing the concentration of whey (by-product of cheese manufacturing), which results in improved efficiencies in this food processing business.  



Ames Goldsmith Corporation Joins CAMP as a New Corporate Member