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Picture of a tablet testing setup in the PAR Lab at Clarkson.

Some of Professor Cetinkaya’s other work in pharmaceutics manufacturing involves the contact ultrasonic method and a contact pulse/echo ultrasonic scheme.  He used the contact ultrasonic technique to evaluate the mechanical property anisotropy of compacts made from four commercially available pharmaceutical excipient powders (microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, ascorbic acid, and aspartame). This method proved to be an attractive tool because it is sensitive to solid fraction ratio, nondestructive, requires a small amount of material, and is fast.  Professor Cetinkaya and his group are using the contact pulse/echo ultrasonic technique to provide greater insight into the local physical properties of the solid oral dosage form, which has the potential to provide better hardness-related performance predictability of compacts. In addition, Professor Cetinkaya has used a nondestructive / noncontact technique (based on air coupled excitation and interferometric detection) to determine physical defects in drug tablets.

Funding for this work has been provided by Pfizer, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the Consortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals, OYSTAR Manesty USA, and Praxair.


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