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 Representatives from the National Energy Technology Laboratory (US Department of Energy) visit Clarkson University 


Representatives from the National Energy Technology Laboratory (US Department of Energy) visit Clarkson’s Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering and meet with University President Anthony Collins.  From left: Clarkson’s Provost Thomas Young, Clarkson’s Dean of Engineering Professor Goodarz Ahmadi, Clarkson University President Anthony Collins, Dr. Anthony Cugini of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Clarkson University Trustee Jim Wood,  CAMP Director Professor S.V. Babu, and Clarkson University’s Director of Research Gregory Slack.

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 New Medical Book Edited by Professor Egon Matijevic' and Authored by CAMP Professors

Dr. Egon Matijejeic'
Professor Egon Matijevic'

The new book, Fine Particles in Medicine and Pharmacy, is edited by Professor Egon Matijevic' (the Victor K. LaMer Chair of Colloid and Surface Science at Clarkson University) and published in 2012 by Springer.  It includes chapters written by CAMP faculty and has over 1800 references.  This publication shares the excitement of pharmaceutical manufacturing, describes the use of fine particles in diagnostics, and warns us of the serious problem caused by the presence of different polymorphs in drug applications.

Millions of people throughout the world swallow drug tablets, without realizing the chemical and engineering decisions required to make pills safe, uniform in composition, effective, and able to be properly processed.

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