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NYSTAR ANNOUNCES $10 MILLION FOR CAMP  continued from page1


CAMP Director Babu stated that we are gratified and elated by the re-designation of CAMP as a NY State Center for Advanced Technology by NYSTAR for the next ten years.  He also added that “our continuing success as a research and technology transfer organization is a reflection of the strong support of our Board of Trustees, President Collins and Provost Young, a large number of our satisfied corporate partners across the globe, and our world class dedicated and talented faculty and staff.  CAMP will continue to create novel technologies in this innovation economy and address emerging challenges in energy and life sciences. We rededicate ourselves to generate new advances in this era of nanomaterials/technology in the global marketplace and to transfer them to our corporate partners for the benefit of NY State.  CAMP will also strive to help expand existing companies in NY State and to relocate new ones.”

NYSTAR is charged with helping New York’s innovation economy grow by supporting high technological development and commercialization through academic and business partnerships.  At its last meeting, the board approved the re-designation of the Alfred and Clarkson CATs. The goal of NYSTAR’s CAT program is to encourage greater collaboration between industry and New York’s universities and to spur technology-based applied research and economic growth in New York. Specifically, a CAT must help increase New York State companies’ competitiveness by solving production, applied research and development, and technical problems.

NYSTAR is a public benefit corporation that helps grow New York’s innovation economy with its support of high technology development and commercialization through academic and business partnerships.

CAMP Outreach to New York State Industry: CAMP Faculty Travel to GE Research Laboratories in Niskayuna, NY for Research Discussions

The goal of CAMP/Clarkson University is to help and support New York State industry to further the creation of new jobs and advance scientific knowledge within New York State.  With this goal in mind, Dr. Babu, Director of CAMP along with Jack Prendergast, CAMP Deputy Director, and ten Professors spent the day of June 11 at GE Labs in Niskayuna, NY.

CAMP has done research with GE Labs in the past, most recently on nano phosphors for lighting applications.  It is this type of research activity that CAMP is looking to cultivate from a visit such as the one made in June.

The GE meeting in Niskayuna was hosted by Dr. Michael Idelchik, VP of Advanced Technology, Dr. Gregory Chambers, Global Technology Leader Polymer & Chemical Technologies and Dr. William Hawkins, Manager of the Micro & Nano Processes Lab.  Dr. Idelchik made a presentation on the future of GE Corporation, planning for future products and markets.  He discussed technologies and timing of the science required to meet GE’s interests and needs as part of his presentation.

The Professors from CAMP made presentations to GE Engineers and Scientists about their areas of research and expertise at the University.  Topics presented during the meeting covered research in the areas of: Acoustic excitation with interferometric detection of motion in small structures by Dr. Cetinkaya, electrochemistry and its application for sensors and nanomaterials by Dr. Suni, and living radical polymerization to control polymer chain lengths of polymer materials for applications in sensors, etc. by Dr. Shipp.  Other presentations ranged from particle surface modifications in colloidal systems by Dr. Partch, diagnostics of latent damage in composite structures by Dr. Jha, process intensification by Dr. Jachuck, nanostructured materials by Dr. Sokolov,  electrochemical impedance spectroscopy by Dr. Roy, and fouling and corrosion in intercooler systems and fatigue by Dr. Marzocca.

If your company has an interest in having CAMP/Clarkson University visit your facility for a day of discussions in the area of Advanced Materials Processing, then please contact, Jack Prendergast, CAMP Deputy Director at 315 694 0481.

CAMP to Sponsor Thirteenth International Symposium on Chemical - Mechanical Planarization


CAMP will sponsor its Thirteenth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization during the month of August.  The three-day symposium/workshop will be held (August 10-13, 2008) at the Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club in Lake Placid, New York.  It will include presentations by industrial and university representatives and a poster session. Dr. Manabu Tsujimura, Executive Officer and Deputy Group Executive of Ebara Corporation in Japan, Dr. Mansour Moinpour, Engineering Manager for Materials Enabling and Path Finding Programs of Intel Corporation, and Dr. Mahadevaiyer Krishnan, Research Scientist and Manager for Colloid and Interface Science, Advanced Planarization Group of IBM, will join  Distinguished University Professor /CAMP Director S.V. Babu, and CAMP Professor Yuzhuo Li as co-organizers of this year’s International CMP Conference.