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CAMP June Newsletter: Page 4

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CAMP Professor Suni Develops Thin Film Coatings for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials
Professor Ian Suni (right) works with Ph.D. graduate, Jianbin Wang, on a biosensor development project.

Professor Ian Suni, from Clarkson University’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, has worked on a series of projects to develop thin film coatings for advanced materials and biomaterials.  He and his laboratory group have developed new methods for the electrochemical deposition of metals such as Pt, Pd, and Cu, as well as electrochemical methods for surface finishing to develop improved planarization technologies for ULSI device fabrication.  Among Professor Suni’s achievements are improved high surface area coatings for sensor electrodes, improved high temperature metal coatings for energy conversion devices, and improved corrosion inhibitors for ULSI planarization technologies.  He has recently applied his expertise in surface engineering to develop improved biomaterials.  As part of his ongoing research towards developing biosensors for food allergens, Suni recently demonstrated that electrochemical biosensors could be constructed using degenerate Si, which allows easier incorporation of biosensors into ULSI devices.


 BASF representatives visit CAMP.  From left:  Dr. Yuzhuo Li, BASF and Clarkson University; Dr. Karl-Rudolf Kurtz, BASF; Professor Dr. Dieter Jahn, BASF; Professor Egon Matijevic (the Victor K. LaMer Chair of Colloid and Surface Science at Clarkson University); and  Distinguished University Professor/CAMP Director S.V. Babu.