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CAMP June Newsletter: Page 5

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CAMP Professors Involved in Project to Develop Grid Electrostatic Precipitators

Professor John McLaughlin, Dr. Xinli Jia, and Dean of Engineering, Professor Goodarz Ahmadi, in collaboration with Mr. John Dunn, Cameron Manufacturing & Design (Horseheads, NY), and Blasch Precision Ceramics (Albany, NY) are working on the development of a grid electrostatic precipitator (GEP) for removal of particulates from air. The GEP is based on a novel design that permits one to obtain much higher levels of particle removal than can be attained with conventional electrostatic precipitators. The focus of the project is on indoor air quality applications. The GEP could, for example, greatly reduce the energy requirements for air purification in cleanrooms by eliminating the need for HEPA or ULPA filters. This project is being supported by a grant from Cameron and has in-kind contributions from Blasch, Cameron, and the Infotonics Technology Center (Canandaigua, NY). The project team is currently working on a catalytic approach for reducing ozone concentrations to acceptable levels. A new experimental version of the GEP will be developed in the next few months. Blasch is contributing ceramic parts and the engineering design for the development process, and Infotonics has agreed to have the experimental device tested in one of its cleanrooms.  The GEP will be installed, as shown in Figure 3, to substitute for HEPA filters without modifications to the ductwork. For this setup, ozone will be removed catalytically.


Figure 3.   This is an illustration of how GEP could be used as a substitute for HEPA filters in cleanrooms.

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Distinguished University Professor S.V. Babu Awarded 25th Patent

Distinguished University Professor and CAMP Director S.V. Babu

Distinguished University Professor and CAMP Director S.V. Babu received his 25th patent. It relates to polishing slurries and methods for chemical-mechanical polishing. Some of the work was carried out by Professor Babu’s students (the last three co-inventors), when they worked on a project supported by Climax Engineered Materials. Now they are employed by Intel.

The US Patent 7,553,430, was issued on June 30, 2009, is titled “
Polishing slurries and methods for chemical mechanical polishing” and co-authored by Sunil Jha, Sreehari Nimmala, Suryadevara Babu, Udaya Patri, Sharath Hegde, and Youngki Hong.

Many of Professor Babu’s patents focus on the area of chemical- mechanical polishing, for which he is a widely-known leader and expert.