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Clarkson Universitys Dean Goodarz Ahmadi Speaks at Prestigious Institute

Dr. Ahmadi

Professor Goodarz Ahmadi, Clarkson University’s Dean of Engineering

Professor Goodarz Ahmadi, dean of Clarkson University’s Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering, was recently honored by being asked to speak at one of the world’s foremost scientific institutions for fluid mechanics.  He spoke during the spring semester at a workshop hosted by the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium.  His lectures were titled "Lagrangian Versus Eulerian Method for Nanoparticles" and "Transport, Deposition, and Removal of Charged Nanoparticles." The historic von Karman Institute is known worldwide for its research in fluid dynamics, including the areas of aeronautics and aerospace, environmental and applied fluid dynamics, and turbo-machinery and propulsion.

Professor Ahmadi has authored more than 470 papers in journals, in addition to two books and numerous papers in national and international conference proceedings. He has also given more than 100 keynote lectures and invited seminars worldwide.


Professor Richard Partch's Research Group meets with CAMP visitors from the Institute for Problems in Materials Science, Ukraine National Academy of Science, Kiev. The female visitors are the following.  From left: the two ladies behind Professor Partch (kneeling) are Drs. Iryna Uvarova, and Iryna Kud. Dr. Natalia Boshytska is directly on his right.

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CAMP to Sponsor Fourteenth International Symposium on Chemical - Mechanical Planarization

CAMP will sponsor its Fourteenth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization during the month of August.  The three-day symposium/workshop will be held (August 9-12, 2009) at the Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club in Lake Placid, New York.  It will include presentations by industrial and university representatives and a poster session. The co-organizers of this year’s International CMP Conference are S.V. Babu, Clarkson University; Lee Cook, Dow Electronic Materials; Mahadevaiyer Krishnan, IBM; Yuzhuo Li, Clarkson University / BASF; and Jin-Goo Park, Hanyang University.