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New NanoMaterials Innovation Center Opens in Alfred


From left: Charlie Craig, Corning Inc. / ATRI Board; Provost Thomas Young, Clarkson University; James Roberts, NYSTAR; Jon Wilder, ATRI; Senator Catharine Young; Jack Prendergast, CAMP/Clarkson University; Dr. S.V. Babu, CAMP/Clarkson University; and Dr. Sergiy Minko, CAMP/Clarkson University.

Alfred Technology Resources, Inc.(ATRI) has announced the official opening of its new subsidiary, the NanoMaterials Innovation Center (NMIC), located in Alfred. It focuses on nano-scale advanced materials and processing capabilities. This new center provides important technology business incubator needs not previously available to upstate New York academic and industrial development.


The NMIC features an open access research and pilot-scale commercialization facility that enables technology transfer in inorganic nanomaterials science and microwave processing technologies. Market-driven collaborations between university, industry and entrepreneurial interests can be facilitated through the unique combination of state-of-the-art equipment and materials expertise made available through the center and its affiliates. In particular, emerging technologies in the areas of next generation lighting and energy efficiencies are being addressed.



"A strong partnership effort between Alfred and Clarkson Universities, Corning Incorporated, and the State of New York have made it possible for this outstanding set of capabilities to come together under one roof, serving the important needs of technology-driven economic development in upstate New York," said Jon Wilder (president of the NanoMaterials Innovation Center and executive director of Alfred Technology Resources, Inc.).

CAMP and Clarkson University representatives attended the Center's ribbon-cutting ceremony.  See above photo.

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