Professor Egon Matijevic' Celebrates His 80th Birthday

Professor Egon Matijevic' recently celebrated his 80th birthday at Clarkson University. Also during the month of August (August 18 - 20, 2002) a special Symposium in Boston, sponsored by the American Chemical Society, will be held in honor of his 80th birthday. From left: Clarkson University President Denny Brown, Professor Egon Matijevic' (the Victor K. LaMer Chair of Colloid and Surface Science at Clarkson University), Clarkson University Provost Anthony Collins, and Vice Provost / CAMP Director S.V. Babu.

Dr. Robert Laughlin Serves as an Adjunct Professor at Clarkson

Dr. Robert Laughlin joined the Chemistry Department at Clarkson University as an adjunct Professor. Dr. Laughlin, who recently retired from the Procter & Gamble Company, is a world renowned chemist. He has received numerous national and international awards and is known for his accomplishments in colloid and surfactant chemistry. His book on aqueous behavior of surfactants is an instant classic in the field. His invention of Diffusive Interfacial Transport is an elegant and unique method to study the phase behavior of surfactants. Dr. Laughlin is collaborating with CAMP Professor Yuzhuo Li on a number of research projects. Also he is offering a seminar series that covers a wide range of topics in applied physical chemistry.

CAMP Professor Richard Partch Offers Short Course on Particle Coating Technology

Senior University Professor Richard Partch at CAMP is offering a short course ""Surface Modification of Particles for Improved Performance: Introduction to Particle Coating Technology." The other course Instructor is Dr. Curtis Zimmermann, Manager of New Technologies at Engelhard Corporation. The short course covers the fundamentals plus applications of most commercial particle and droplet coating processes currently in use by industry, as well as new technologies under investigation. Discussions include encapsulation of liquid droplets, preparation of templated porous particles, attachment of molecular functionalities to the surface of particles, and the coating of particles with a continuous uniform layer of material. This course will take place at Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) May 16-17, 2002. For more information about this course, you may call Professor Partch at 315-268-2351 or send email to him at partch@clarkson.edu.

CAMP Acquires additional sponsors

in Austin, Texas joins CAMO as Corporate Member.

GM POWERTRAIN (general Motors Corporation) in Massena, NewYork Joins CAMP as a Corporate member.

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