Professor Roshan Jachuck Leads Process Intensification & Clean Technology (PICT) Group at Clarkson

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Schematic Diagram of a Spinning Disc Reactor.


View of an Intensified Module in the PICT laboratory

At Clarkson University, the PICT Group will be researching, developing and demonstrating the performance of intensified modules such as reactors, heat exchangers, separation units and crystallisers/precipitators. Activities in the fields of polymers, food, bio-processing, energy and fine chemicals will be vigorously pursued by PICT. The goal is to establish an internationally leading Centre in the area of Process Intensification and Clean Technology by bringing together a multidisciplinary team involving chemists, process engineers, material scientists and mathematicians. Strong industrial collaboration coupled with cutting edge research will be the focus for attracting and educating good undergraduate and graduate students at Clarkson. Strong links with A.I.Ch.E. are being established to raise the profile of Process Intensification activities in North America. A network on process intensification will be set up to foster academic and industrial collaboration in order to disseminate and exploit research findings arising from PI related activities world wide. This network will have strong links with PIN (process intensification network) set up in the UK for information sharing between Europe and North America.

For more information about Professor Roshan Jachuck and his research, please call him at 315-268-6325 or send email to rjachuck@clarkson.edu.

External Ph.D. Program at Clarkson University

The off-campus option for the Ph.D. is a graduate program offered by Clarkson University to qualified outstanding individuals who wish to maintain their full time jobs in industry while pursuing Ph.D. degrees. The program is most suited for those individuals who have had extensive work experience related to their doctoral research topics and cannot afford to take an extensive leave of absence from their jobs. Professors W. Wilcox, A. Busnaina, and P. Hopke were instrumental in establishing the program and obtaining the approval of the New York State Education Department for the exemption of the one-year on-campus requirement.

The first person to receive a Ph.D. degree through this program was William America, who completed his Ph.D. thesis under the direction of Professors S.V. Babu and Raymond Mackay while he was working for Kodak and then IBM. His doctoral research on chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) resulted in a number of patents and publications. One of his results led to successful commercialization by Ferro Electronic Material Systems, a New York State company. Currently, Dr. America is a Senior Engineer at IBM Microelectronics in East Fishkill, New York. Recently he accepted an adjunct professorship from the Chemistry Department at Clarkson University.

Currently, there are three students in Clarkson University's off-campus Ph.D. program. Mr. Paul LeFevre is a widely respected expert in metal CMP working for Fujimi Corporation. Previously he was an IBM assignee at International SEMATECH serving as the copper CMP program manager. Paul's Ph.D. project involves the measurement of friction behavior of consumables at the wafer level. Mr. Guomin Bian from Dynea is an expert in fine particle synthesis and applications. One of the research projects he is involved in has attracted a great deal of attention from the metal CMP community. The Clarkson University-Dynea team demonstrated for the first time that copper CMP can be best accomplished using ultra-soft, hydrophilic, and pure organic abrasive particles. Finally Mr. David Tysiac, who is a full time employee at Ferro, recently joined the program and is working towards his Ph.D. David's main research focus is on particle-pad interactions, an issue that is fundamentally important to the CMP community. All three current students in the off-campus options are working with Professor Yuzhuo Li.

Everyone who is familiar with the off-campus option agree that the program not only offers a unique opportunity to talented individuals in industry to continue their education, but also has great significance in increasing the diversity of the graduate student body and the research portfolio of the graduate program at Clarkson University.

Professional Training Courses Offered to Wyeth Employees

CAMP Professor Yuzhuo Li and his colleagues are working closely with Dr. Gregory Slack of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, to organize and offer practical training courses to the employees at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Rouses Point, New York. In addition to the traditional lecture-exam format, Professor Li and Dr. Slack will experiment with a new format which requires the trainees to demonstrate their level of competency in operating state-of- the-art analytical instrumentation at the end of the training program. The certification process will be directly linked to the standard operating procedures required and practiced by the industry. The topics to be covered by the training courses range from common analytical techniques such as FT-IR and particle sizing to emerging techniques such as rapid screening with NIR. This training program is part of the membership agreement between CAMP and Wyeth, as well as a joint commitment in developing more innovative continuing education programs. In the past CAMP has offered onsite courses / workshops at Wyeth taught by Professors Mueller, Li and Rasmussen.