CAMP Sponsors Ninth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

CAMP will sponsor its Ninth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Polishing during the month of August. The four-day symposium/workshop will be held (August 8 -11, 2004) at the Hilton Resort in Lake Placid, New York. This meeting is co-chaired by Dr. Manabu Tsujimura (Ebara Corporation), Dr. Charles Davis (IBM), and Vice Provost/CAMP Director S.V. Babu. It will include presentations by industrial and university representatives and a poster session.


CAMP's Annual Technical Meeting
Canandaigua Inn on the Lake Canandaigua, New York
May 12-14, 2004

CAMP's Ninth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
Hilton Resort Lake Placid,
New York
August 8-11, 2004

CAMP's Annual Fall Meeting Clarkson University Potsdam, New York
October 20-22, 2004

CAMP's Tenth International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP) Hilton Resort Lake Placid,
New York
August 14-17, 2005

(For information about CAMP industrial short courses, please call Professor Richard Partch at 315-268-2351 or send email to him at partch@clarkson.edu).

** Information, on these and other CAMP events, is available at the CAMP website at http://www.clarkson.edu/camp.

CAMP Annual Technical Meeting

CAMP's Annual Technical Meeting will be held May 12 - 14, 2004 at the Canandaigua Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua, New York. It will include representatives of Industry, University, and New York State Economic Development Organizations. The keynote speakers are Bob Callendar, Vice President of Programs at NYSERDA, and Dr. Marijn Dekkers, President and CEO of ThermoElectron. The meeting will also include a poster display of CAMP research and a reception hosted by Ferro Electronic Material Systems (a Corporate Sponsor of CAMP).

Professor Gregory Campbell Named Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers

CAMP Professor Gregory A. Campbell, of Clarkson University's Department of Chemical Engineering, has been named a fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). SPE fellows are selected by a committee on the basis of their professional history as well as written sponsorships from two SPE members. Out of 25,000 members, about 215 fellows exist, making fellowship a rarity that is awarded to less than one percent of society members. The Society of Plastics Engineers is a professional network of more than 25,000 members comprised of engineers, technicians, marketers, retailers, and other plastics professionals. The society works to promote the plastics industry by spreading knowledge, strengthening skills and increasing its visibility in the marketplace.

Dr. Campbell joined Clarkson University in 1984 as an associate professor in the Chemical Engineering Department. In 1996 he was promoted to full professor and has since served Clarkson in various positions such as chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department, chief information officer, and interim dean of engineering. His scholarly interests include research in the general area of polymer fabrication, blown film, injection molding, microcellular foam, composites, thin films for electronic chip manufacture, and extruder design and analysis. He has published widely in scientific and peer-review journals. Also Professor Campbell has received numerous distinctions and awards, including the Society of the Plastics Industry Award of Excellence and the General Motors Research Laboratories Management Award for Distinguished Achievement. In recent years, he has delivered keynote lectures at the Japan Society of Polymer Processing and the European Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society in Sweden.

In addition, Professor Campbell is active in the local community through the Potsdam Rotary Club and will serve as district governor of Rotary District 7040 in 2005-2006. One of the Rotary 7040 district programs that he is actively supporting is the development of a prosthetic foot that will be made available to victims of land mines in the developing world at virtually no cost.


Protensive Limited joins CAMP as a
New York Associate



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