Professor Cetin Cetinkaya

CAMP Professor Cetinkaya Receives Software Grant from Nanorex, Inc.

CAMP Professor Cetin Cetinkaya, of Clarkson University’s Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, received a one-year NanoEngineer-1 Software Grant from Nanorex, Inc. This $8,000 gift, which includes associated technical support, will be mainly used in Professor Cetinkaya’s senior level course ME591 Nano/Micro-Scale Systems Engineering and in his nanotechnology research. In his special topics course ME591 (which he developed in 2005) students are exposed to design, analysis, fabrication and the testing of micro- and nano-scale structures and devices. The course includes a hands-on component in collaboration with the Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility (CNF) to provide students with practical experience in the micro-/nano-fabrication and metrology at Cornell University. Professor Cetinkaya has documented his experience in developing and teaching this course in a report entitled “A Course Development Experience: Nano/Micro-Scale Systems Engineering” (Report No. MAE-379, 2006).

Founded in 2004, Nanorex, Inc. is a developer of computational modeling tools made specifically for the design and analysis of productive nanosystems. K. Eric Drexler, often referred to as the “father of nanotechnology” serves as Nanorex Inc.’s chief technical advisor. NanoEngineer-1 software is a three-dimensional (3-D) molecular engineering program for nanomechanical systems. It includes both a Computer Aided Design (CAD) module for the design and modeling of precise components and assemblies, and a molecular dynamics module for simulating the movement and operation of mechanical nanodevices.



Dr. Santokh Badesha

Dr. Santokh Badesha to Receive Clarkson Honorary Degree in May  

Dr. Santokh S. Badesha, a Xerox Fellow at the Xerox Corporation (a Corporate Sponsor for CAMP) has served as a technical point of contact for numerous CAMP research projects. He will receive a Clarkson honorary degree at the University's 114 th commencement on Sunday, May 13, 2007.

Dr. Badesha recently was named manager, research open innovation for the Xerox Innovation Group. A role model for partnering with both universities and other firms, Badesha will help Xerox leverage open innovation to strengthen Xerox R&D.

An organic chemist by training, Badesha has invented new materials and marking components that are at the heart of successive generations of better, faster Xerox copiers and printers. Taken together, Badesha's work has contributed to nearly every marking subsystem in the DocuTech family and the iGen3 Digital Production Press. Badesha's areas of research have varied from designing environmentally friendly materials to the investigation of novel composite materials with enhanced thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical stability. His inventions in the area of black-and-white and high-speed color fusing, for instance, have resulted in reduced paper jams and a longer time between service calls. Dr. Badesha (who was named the 1997 Rochester Distinguished Inventor of the Year) expects to be awarded his 150 th U.S. patent shortly -- a milestone achieved by only one other inventor in Xerox's history . Other accolades include appointment as Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK; Charted Scientist, Science Council of the UK; Chester Carlson Eagle Award; and the Xerox President's Award

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