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Company representatives meet with Clarkson University President Anthony Collins.  From left:  Dr. Sankar K. Mohan (Director, Advanced Engineering at Magna Powertrain), Doreen Garrett (President, Otis Technology), Clarkson University President Anthony Collins, Jesse Brumberger (Advanced Engineering Group, Magna Powertrain), and Richard O’Connor (VP, Taylor Concrete Products, Inc.).  See article, “CAMP Professors Receive Funding…,” on page 3.

CAMP Professors Carry Out Investigative Research Projects Using Composite Materials

Professor Pier Marzocca and his collaborators (Professors Goodarz Ahmadi, Ratneshwar Jha, and Erik Bollt) are using advanced composites to develop a Smart Wind Turbine Blade (SWTB).  He and his team are also modeling and analyzing rotating, functionally graded thin-walled, composite turbine blades. Also Professors Jha and Ahmadi are working to prepare a model for carbon nanotube composites based on the nonlocal elasticity approach. These projects are presented and discussed.    

Advanced Composite Smart Wind Turbine Blades

Professor Pier Marzocca and collaborators (Professors Goodarz Ahmadi, Ratneshwar Jha, and Erik Bollt) are developing a Smart Wind Turbine Blade (SWTB) by incorporating active control capabilities and advanced composites to improve the power generation efficiency.  See Figures 1-4.  This technology includes shape control actuators (that virtually shape the blade and modify its stall characteristics) installed on a twisted-coupled blade made possible through the use of advanced fiber reinforced composite materials.

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CAMP and NYSERDA Cosponsor Symposium in Albany

“Advanced Materials for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas” was the topic of a symposium held on April 03, 2009 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY.  The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), in conjunction with CAMP/Clarkson University, hosted the symposium, with presentations from Academia, Industry, and New York State Organizations involved in the effort to curb Greenhouse Gases in New York State. Frank Murray, President and CEO of NYSERDA, presented the Keynote Address titled “Importance of GHG Reductions and the Role Advanced Materials Can Play.”  Dinner Speakers included Paul DeCotis (NYS Deputy Secretary for Energy), Edward Reinfurt (Executive Director, NYSTAR), and Clarkson University President Anthony Collins. The symposium was held to discuss NYSERDA’s administration of the recently created Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) fund of greater than $100 million dollars per year, a portion of which will be used to research, develop, and fund industrial applications aimed at reducing New York State’s Carbon footprint.  NYSERDA plans to issue calls for work in this area of research in this calendar year.