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Advanced Composite Smart Wind Turbine Blades (Continued from Page1)

The transformational technology addresses the issue of guaranteeing the structural integrity of the wind turbine blade and has the potential for improvements in cost, reliability, and the performance of large horizontal-axis wind turbines. This is a significant step toward the goal of designing a blade that is both stiffer and stronger to span greater areas, both lighter and adaptive to reduce system loads, and that incorporates adaptive airfoils to increase energy capture or to decrease system loads. Through the support of MDA and Syracuse CoE, Vento Tek Inc., Gradients LLC, and the ARI Renewable Energy Company, the team is performing numerical and experimental investigations in the Applied Aerodynamics and Wind Tunnel Laboratory at Clarkson University. The final configuration for the prototype to be field tested has been determined. Field testing is planned during the summer of 2009 at the Vento Tek Wind Turbine Site Facility, Cattaraugus Native American Reservation in Perrysburg, NY.

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