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Make the most of your college experience!

Sure it's simple. But it's also true. The more you put into Clarkson, the more you'll get out of it.
And not just when it comes to your classes.

Clarkson strives to maximize the potential of all of its students and challenge them to both personal and professional growth. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to pursue the pastime you are most passionate about, or taking up a new hobby, with more than 100 student-operated groups on campus, there is an opportunity for you to put your skills to work.

You could be the next student government president or editor of The Integrator.  Interested in computer programming, gaming or amateur astronomy? You’ll find  a group of like-minded friends who share your passion. Looking to join a fraternity or sorority? Clarkson has an active Greek community.

Or, if you are passionate about what you do in the classroom and enjoy working with your classmates, academic teams and initiatives like the SPEED program (Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design) allow you to collaborate with other students on competitive design teams that participate in regional and national competitions.

So dive in head first. Foster your interests and challenge yourself to venture to new heights. Release that inner explorer of yours and climb a rock cliff with the Outing Club. Volunteer in the local hospital. Organize a charity dance marathon for your sorority. Host your own campus radio show.

The Clarkson experience is full immersion. Indoors and outdoors, mental and physical, fun and serious, social and professional. Step up, lend a hand, or lead the way. You never know where any path will lead until you take it.

Access the most up-to-date listing of CUSA affiliated, recognized, and funded clubs at

If you are a student traveling on a CUSA-funded trip, please make sure to complete and sign two copies of the following form: Student Travel Policy
One copy should be returned to the CUSA Administrative Assistant and the other should be retained by the trip leader.  

Student in the CUOC club climbing a cliff covered with ice
Featured Club:

The Outing Club
To learn more about the CUOC or to join them on an outing, check out their website here.

Who should I contact about how to get involved?
The Office of Student Organizations is the primary contact for all clubs and organizations including CUSA funded groups as well as fraternities and sororities at Clarkson University.  If you are interested in starting a club that is not listed please contact our office.

Kelsey Deso
Director of Student Organizations and Student Center
Phone: 315-268-2345

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