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Nearly 100 Years of Tradition

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The first Clarkson fraternities were founded in the early years of the University with the goal of fostering unity among members of different classes in the University. Members were required to have high intellectual and moral standards and were expected to "exert an influence for the betterment of student life."  Members of fraternities and sororities compose approximately 15 percent of the total student body.

Why join?
Joining a fraternity/sorority organization is often the first time students are responsible for living on their own and within their means. Fraternities and sororities are examples of democracy in action. Membership provides an excellent opportunity to experience leadership and other responsibilities. National research shows that students who join fraternities and sororities are more likely to return to college the following year.

Clarkson University recognized fraternities and sororities are required to adhere to a set of guidelines set forth by the university.  The Recognition Policy for Fraternities and Sororities assists chapters in understanding the role they play at the university and in the community and the support provided to them by the university.

How to join?
Not only do Clarkson's fraternities and sororities select new members, but the prospective members select the chapter with which they wish to be affiliated.

A letter to the parents
Parents have many ideas about what it means to be associated with a fraternity or sorority. The fraternity and sorority system at Clarkson is evaluated annually, and continual improvements are being made to an already strong system.