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Judicial Board

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Judicial Board
Each College Panhellenic Association shall establish a Judicial Board for the limited purpose of handling member group infractions of:


• College Panhellenic Constitution and/or Bylaws

• Membership Recruitment rules/guidelines

• Panhellenic Code of Ethics

• College Panhellenic Standing Rules

The composition and duties of the Judicial Board must be defined in the College Panhellenic Constitution and/or Bylaws.  A College Panhellenic shall develop a workable Judicial Board based on the needs of the campus. The duties and responsibilities of the Judicial Board must be consistent with all NPC

Unanimous Agreement
The NPC Judicial Forms in the Appendix shall be used to insure proper documentation and adherence to the NPC UNANIMOUS AGREEMENTS. The forms include:

College Panhellenic Violation Report Form

College Panhellenic Notice of Infraction Form

College Panhellenic Record of Mediation or Judicial Hearing Form

College Panhellenic Mediation or Judicial Hearing Minutes Form

College Panhellenic Notice of Appeal Form

Documentation of all judicial proceedings shall be retained by the College Panhellenic for a period of three years.

Judicial Board Hearing Form
Judicial Board Hearing Minutes Form
Judicial Board Notice of Appeal Form

Judicial Board Notice of Infraction Form
Judicial Board Record of Mediation Form
Judicial Board Violation Report Form