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Frequently Asked Questions

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The following are frequently asked questions about joining a sorority at Clarkson Univerisity. 

When can I join a sorority?  
Women must be a
second semester freshman or have achieved 12 credit hours at another university;
possess a 2.5 cumulative GPA from Clarkson University; and be a matriculated student at Clarkson University.

What is recruitment and how does it work?

Recruitment is a mutual selection process.
  It is designed to allow you the opportunity learn about the sororities at Clarkson and interact  with members of each chapter. Chapters extend bids to prospective members.  Not all  women who participate in recruitment receive a bid.  Those who do not are welcome to participate in recruitment the following semester, provided they meet academic eligibility.  You can choose to accept or decline a bid.

How much does it cost to join a sorority?

Each sorority has fixed expenses, including dues, new member fees, initiation fees, and housing fees.
  The average cost for full membership is about $250 per semester. 

Will joining a sorority affect my grades?

The all-sorority and all-fraternity GPA is higher than the all-female and all-male GPA. Students who join a Greek organization often see their grades
increase as a result of structured study hours and academic resources provided by the chapter. Members must maintain a certain GPA in order to continue in good standing within the chapter.

Do I have to move into the house?
Each chapter has different requirements regarding living at the chapter house.  You are strongly urged to consider this option as it promotes the development of leadership skills.  Clarkson University provides off-campus Greek housing exemptions to academically eligible students. 

What about hazing?

Hazing is not tolerated.
  It is against Clarkson University policy and against the rules of every national fraternity and sorority. Additionally, New York State has very strict Hazing Laws that consider hazing a misdemeanor or felony.