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WiSE - Women in Science & Engineering

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Are you a female interested in science and engineering at Clarkson? Well, we've got the perfect spot for you, as a member of WiSE, a brand new living and learning community on campus.

Located in Reynolds House, The WiSE (Women in Science & Engineering) program is an opportunity that fosters engagement in the world of science and engineering to females, who are typically outnumbered in such majors and programs.

WiSE was created to offer females a strong support system to help with everyday challenges, from studying for a physics exam to working out an issue with a roommate. This system of support includes upper class women serving as mentors of the program as well as several staff members from across the university.

Francesca Merchant '09, a biology major and mentor, says," WiSE serves to remind these women that they belong here too. It's challenging to sit in an aeronautical engineering class and be in the minority. In WiSE, the girls can come back to their mentor, who remembers that same challenge, or to her peers who are experiencing the same issues, and feel comforted knowing that they understand."

WiSE also offers its members extraordinary opportunities to network with successful alumnae, participate in social functions, attend guest speaker appearances, workshops and study sessions and meet with helpful offices such as the Career Center.