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Clarkson Student Spotlight: December '10

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Erika Romero ‘12
Global Supply Chain Management major, Law Studies minor
Peekskill, New York

Half way through her junior year at Clarkson, Erika has really found her own groove. She’s currently the secretary of CUSA (the Clarkson University Student Association), a member of the club crew team, and the vice president of Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa) sorority, which has sisters from both Clarkson and SUNY Potsdam. We caught up with Erika at her CUSA office, which is located in the new Student Center, to see what she had to say about Clarkson and more.

Q: What is your favorite Clarkson memory thus far?
A:  The campus-wide dodge ball tournament that we recently had (Dodging for Dreams). It was great to see all the students get together and have fun, and it showed that the Clarkson community is very supportive.

Q: What is your favorite thing about December?
A: The smell of firewood burning reminds me of my childhood. While walking to school, I always passed a small house that burned firewood. Right across from it, there was a huge rock that had long icicles hanging from it. When the ice started melting, it was like a tiny waterfall. It was beautiful.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: I love TV. I don’t have cable or much time right now, but here and there I go on Hulu and watch Glee. In the summer, I love to catch up on my Spanish soap operas.

Q: What unique experiences have you had at Clarkson?
A: I had dinner with President Collins and his wife, Karen. How many kids in other universities say that? Not many I’m sure. I could tell that they really look out for Clarkson students’ best interests.

Q: Who is your hero(es)?
A: It sounds cheesy, but my parents. They left Ecuador, their loved ones and everything they knew to come here. I am where I am in life thanks to them and the way they raised me. When I hit a rough spot, I always think of all the sacrifices they have gone through for me, my brothers and my sister.

Q: Why did you choose Clarkson?
A: Clarkson was my first choice. I was trying to choose between engineering and business. Clarkson has the E&M program, which combines both, so I didn’t have to choose right away, if at all.

Q: Who is your favorite musician/band and why?
A: Mana! They use metaphors that are very clever and that fit perfectly with the message they are trying to convey to their listeners. Also, they promote sustainability and world peace. Not many bands do that anymore.

Q: Who is your favorite professor?
A: Luciana Echazu from the School of Business, especially her Econometrics class. She is a great professor and very passionate about what she does. I struggled with the first exam, but she didn’t give up on me. In fact, she walked me through the course one-on-one and made sure I understood everything.

Q: Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.
A: I tried out for my high school boys’ football team my sophomore year because I wanted to prove that women could play too. However, the team and coaches never let me play on the field.

Q: What are your goals for the future?
A: A major goal I have is to travel and translate for the United Nations or an international firm. I love learning languages and helping people.

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Erika Romero