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Emergency & Evacuation Procedures

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If a fire condition or any other emergency that requires immediate building evacuation is discovered in the CUCRC center, take the following action:

  1. Immediately evacuate the building. If needed, consult a building evacuation route map that is posted on every floor. As you leave, notify other occupants.
  2. Activate a fire alarm pull station if there is a fire.
  3. Close room and/or hallway and stairwell doors as you evacuate.
  4. Once you leave the building, do not re-enter for any reason.

Employees, students and visitors should become familiar with building evacuation routes before an emergency occurs. Building evacuation route maps are located on every floor of the Graduate Center. The purpose of any evacuation is to empty a building or area of all occupants as quickly and safely as possible.

  1. In most cases that require evacuation of a building (fire, explosion, bomb threat), occupants should proceed to a clear or safe location away from the building, but where they can be accounted for. Campus Safety & Security Officers or Fire/Police officers may direct you to other locations. Please comply with their requests in order to effect a safe evacuation.
  2. Evacuation of persons with disabilities will be given the highest priority. They will be evacuated by the most expeditious and safe means available. If you are aware of person(s) with disabilities in your building who require assistance, please notify a Campus Safety & Security Officer or a Fire/Police officer.
  3. When evacuating the building, do not run. Walk and remain quiet. Be observant to your surroundings and know a second means of escape from your building in the event that your primary route is obstructed.
  4. Occupants, once outside the building, should congregate with co-workers to make sure that everyone has evacuated safely. People should congregate at the far end (South Side) of the large parking lot.

If you discover that someone is unaccounted for, notify a Campus Safety & Security Officer or a Fire/Police officer. When there is an immediate threat to safety of students or staff, any phone in the building dialing *777 will activate the intercom feature of the telephone system whereby a message is sent and played over the speaker phone without picking up the receiver, unless notification would compromise efforts to contain the emergency. As required by code, the building is equipped with a fire alarm system. If time allows, an e-mail will be sent to the Clarkson University Capital Region Campus listserve. This system will be tested annually in accordance with federal law.

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