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Policy on Firearms and Dangerous Substances

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According to New York State law, Clarkson University and the Capital Region Campus, possession or use of firearms and/or other such materials (including but not limited to handguns, shotguns, rifles, bb guns/rifles, paint guns, pellet guns, sling shots, martial arts weapons) anywhere on the college campus is strictly prohibited. This includes all Clarkson University's Capital Region Campus operated buildings and property or automobiles parked on College property. The possession of a New York State weapons permit does not authorize the person to have a firearm on campus.

When on the Clarkson University's Capital Region Campus compliance with Clarkson University rules and regulations is also required. In accordance with New York state law, the use or possession of fireworks on campus is strictly prohibited. Any or all chemicals that either can be made to possess or that inherently possess volatile, explosive or dangerous properties are forbidden on campus, except under the academic supervision of a member of the Clarkson University's Capital Region Campus or a Clarkson University official.

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