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Evacuation of a BuildingEvacuation From Campus

Before an emergency, determine the nearest exit to your location, the safest route to follow, and alternate exits.  Building evacuation routes are posted in campus buildings.  Leave immediate area, but remain available to emergency personnel.  If time permits during an evacuation, secure your room or workplace and take personal items such as keys, purse, medication, and glasses.  In fire or other dangerous conditions, evacuate immediately leaving personal items behind.

Evacuation of a Building

  1. Walk do not run
  2. Do not use elevators
  3. Seek out people with special needs and provide assistance (the Department of Campus Safety & Security will provide assistance, ext. 6666)
  4. Gather outside at your designated building staging area, where your supervisor will take roll and account for all personnel.  Fill in your building's designated assembly point in the space below.
  5. If you cannot return to your building, wait for instructions from the Department of Campus Safety & Security, Police or Fire Department or Residence Director.

Evacuation From Campus

In the event of an immediate, life-threatening emergency during which the campus must be evacuated, a campus staging area may be created at The Cheel Campus Center or the Indoor Recreation Center.  Campus and community communication systems will be used to provide information about this type of evacuation.  Food, water, first aid, shelter, and information will be available at evacuation sites.

For evacuation of people with disabilities see the Evacuation for People with Disabilities page of this guide.