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Knight Rider Bicycle Rental Program

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OK, so I want to apply!

Great, here's what to do next:

1. Fill out an application available at the Safety & Security Office (ERC or library building, 1st floor suite 1200).

2. Your information will be verified to determine eligibility – you must be a Clarkson University Student in good standing to qualify. If you do not qualify, we will notify you by email.

3. Waiting lists may exist, and it may take us up to a week to process your application. You will be notified when approved. We will let you know via email when we have a bike for you. Once a bike has been assigned to you, we will hold your bike assignment for up to one week. Bikes that aren't picked up are made available to other students.

4. Once you have received your bike assignment via email, come to the CS&S office at the time we arrange with you. Bring a bag for your goodies, 15 minutes of your time, your student ID and $20 in cash for each rental semester. We do not take debit cards or financial aid. An ATM is available in the Student Center for your convenience.

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