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Knight Rider Bicycle Rental Program

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Do you have an unwanted bicycle collecting dust in your basement or garage? Does it need maintenance work that makes it not worth selling? Donate it to the Clarkson Rent – a - Bike Program instead and help a student get to school! We also accept parts donations.

Donating bikes to the Knight Rider Bicycle Rental Program keeps usable bikes out of landfills and out of your cluttered life. Bikes donated are given a new life as rental bikes after being carefully inspected, cleaned, overhauled, and tested, before they are rented to a student for $20 a semester. We replace worn or missing parts with new or quality used ones. Please see our guidelines to make sure we can process your bike before you bring your bike in. We cannot accept all bikes, and reserve the right to refuse your bike if we cannot repair or re-use it.

Acceptable bikes:
• We can accept mountain/hybrid bikes and road bikes for adults that are in decent used condition.

• We will work on bikes with brake issues, that need gear work, cleaning, minor rust issues, missing saddles and seat posts, bikes needing new grips, new cables and housing, and that have tubes and tires than don't hold air.

• We will accept all brands, models and ages, as long as they are in acceptable condition.

Sadly not acceptable:
• We cannot accept bikes with frozen bottom brackets (cranks won't turn).

• We cannot accept bikes where the cost of the repair exceeds their value to us, which includes bikes with excessive rust, or that need two new wheels, or certain mid-70's French roadbikes (these use non-standard parts). Please contact us to discuss whether or not we can use your bike.

How it works:
• Get in touch with us! Call 315.268.6666, send the bike program coordinator an email at

• I will ask you questions about the condition of your bike (you can also email me a photo from your phone!) and arrange a time for you to drop off your bike.

• If we accept your bike, we will evaluate it and issue you a tax deductible donation receipt.

• Once your bike has been fixed up and rented, we will notify you - make sure to say "hi!" to it when you see it on the road!

Donating Bike Parts
We also always need bike parts for our Bike Program. We are happy to accept any of the following, in acceptable condition:

• Saddles and seat posts (all sizes)
• Fender sets, especially clip on ones for mountain bikes
• Racks (for the back of the bike)
• U Locks (please with at least one matching key. Sorry, we can't use cable locks)
• Light sets (only working ones, please! We can provide batteries and mounting brackets)
• Tubes (new only please, 26 x 1.5 inch shrader are our most popular)
• Tires (26 x 1.5 inch are our most popular kind)
• Wheels (in usable condition. At the moment we only need 26 x 1.5 inch wheels)

If you have an item listed here for donation, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Sometimes we can accept items on a case by case basis. We are happy to write you a tax deduction receipt for your donation.

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