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Knight Rider Bicycle Rental Program

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What are the rules?

• Bikes may be checked out for the duration of one or a maximum of three consecutive terms. A usage fee of $20 per semester will be due at the time of the contract/check out. We only accept cash. No financial aid, checks, credit or debit cards will be accepted.

• Bicycles are valued at $200 with their accessories. If not returned, a $200 hold plus a maximum of $50 late fees will be placed on borrower’s account. Borrowers are responsible for the safe return of the bike.

• Dropping below 6 credits after the first two weeks of the term will disqualify the student from the Clarkson Bike Program.

• All full time, summer/ research and graduate students are eligible to receive a bike.

• Providing inaccurate information on the application form may result in disqualification from the Bike Program.

• Bikes are rented on a first-come-first-served basis, by order of wait list.

• It is student’s responsibility to report any changes in address or academic eligibility to Campus Safety & Security.

• The student has complete responsibility for maintaining the bicycle. C&SS and the GSA shall be held harmless in any dispute and/or litigation. Questions about how to maintain your bike can be directed to the Graduate Student Association (

Dude, where's my bike?

• You are responsible for the safety of the bike and preventing theft while it is in your possession. Student may have to pay up $200 to replace a lost or stolen bike, depending on circumstances. An appropriate lock is provided, and instruction in preventing loss of the bike or bike components is given when the student receives the bike.

• If the bicycle or parts of the bike are stolen, contact Campus Safety at 315-268-6666. Then contact Bike Program staff as soon as possible so we can work with you to resolve the issue.

What's that noise? When damage is done...

• Basic adjustments, flat fixes, and diagnostic services are available free of charge for all rental bikes. Email the Graduate Student Association to organize a meeting with a Bike Club volunteer!

• Report all issues or damage, to the Bike Program staff as soon as you notice them. That includes strange noises, shifting problems, or other issues. You may be charged if a small issue that is easily fixed develops into a costly problem.

• Please DO NOT try and fix the issue yourself without prior authorization from Bike Program staff. A simple problem can turn into a costly repair or even cause bodily harm if not fixed properly! You may be charged if the bicycle is damaged in a repair attempt you undertook without prior authorization.

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