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Person using their cell phoneKnightWatch
is an anonymous tip reporting tool for students and staff. It is designed to work through your mobile phone, tablet or from your home computer.

Open, Anonymous Communications
Through this anonymous median, address and reduce the concerns students may have toward communicating directly with police or fear of “getting too involved.”

Ease of Communications
The popularity of text messaging creating a safer campus setting for students, faculty, staff and other campus visitors.  Phones with camera capabilities will also enjoy the camera option that will automatically attach photos you take of the incident, to this message. Also works with email.

Campus Safety, Security and Integrity
Improve campus community awareness, reduce threats, deter crime and improve Safety.

Address and Meet Special Needs
Individuals with hearing or speech difficulties can also interact with Safety & Security.

Universal Accessibility

KnightWatch QR Code

To access KnightWatch from your mobile device use the QR Code above, or navigate to:

To learn how to bookmark KnightWatch to your mobile device's home screen, click here.

KnightWatch provides a usable, immediate and anonymous tool to report crimes, safety concerns or suspicious activity as they occur. Safety & Security receives this text to the Safety & Security email which is monitored 24/7. Officers will respond immediately and can also communicate back to the sender for any additional information or to simply maintain communication.