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Message from the Director

East Coast Online Alumni Career Expo

Spring Break Alternative: Career Exploration Style

Establishing your campus presence through OCR

Interns: To pay or not to pay?

Target Industries for New Graduates

About the Career Center

This bi-annual newsletter is brought to you by the Clarkson University Career Center. For assistance in recruiting high quality students for full-time jobs, internships, or co-ops, please call 268-6477 or email

Message from the Director

On behalf of the Career Center at Clarkson University, I hope you enjoyed the holiday season! The Career Center continues to explore and implement new services to best meet your recruitment needs. Our purpose in preparing this newsletter is to not only inform you of Clarkson’s programs, but also to share pertinent topics in the field of college recruiting. I hope that you enjoy the 2nd edition of the Clarkson Career Center’s bi-annual newsletter.

East Coast Online Alumni Career Expo

Clarkson University, along with George Washington University, Penn State, Villanova, Georgetown, University of Miami, Rochester Institute of Technology, and several other schools, is partnering with Brazen Careerist to host a multi-school, alumni-only online career expo on January 19, 2012. The East Coast Online Alumni Career Expo is a fantastic opportunity for employers to gain direct access to talented, motivated and experienced alumni exclusively invited to attend by participating universities. We are expecting 400-600 alumni participants for this event.

We are partnering on this project because we know that employers like you are searching for talented, professional candidates, and know that our alumni will impress. Because the event is held online, employers do not need to commit a full day to attending an in-person career fair – they can manage the event from the office or remotely anywhere there is an internet connection. If you are interested in participating, you can find out more about the event and register at

Please contact our Director, Jeff Taylor, with any questions or to get involved. Jeff can be reached at 315.268.6477 or via email at


Spring Break Alternative: Career Exploration Style

The Career Center recently launched two new experiential programs for Clarkson students. Our most recent, a twist on traditional job shadowing, is an employer site visit option during spring break. These programs have aided the Career Center by expanding upon our current cooperative education and internship program offerings, giving first and second year students a boost in their career exploration. During spring break, students will have the opportunity to visit employers throughout the northeast. The Career Center is currently in the process of recruiting site hosts who can entertain a group of students for a few hours (for example a tour and meeting with human resources or alumni) allowing students the opportunity to investigate careers and industries of interest that can help shape their future career goals. Hosting such visits will also help to provide you with a chance to preview talent early. At this time, we are looking at alumni, employers, and parents who can provide a group of students access to their site for a few hours during the week of March 19-23, 2012. If you would be interested in serving as a site host, please contact Karla Fennell, Associate Director for Co-ops and Internships, at 315.268.6477 or

The other program, instituted in Fall 2011 was an alumni to student mentoring program. The mentor program, hosted through LinkedIn, provides students with access to over a hundred alumni waiting to share their career and industry experiences, while also introducing students to a networking tool to help students discover internal connections that can link them to unlimited information and career opportunities. If you are an alumnus, or work for an employer who employs numerous Clarkson alumni, and would like to find out how to participate in the mentoring program, please contact Karla Fennell.

Through the use of the mentoring and shadowing program, we hope to encourage students to explore opportunities available to them early in their collegiate career. These opportunities will help to shape their post-graduate goals, offer access to professionals, and provide them with the information needed to choose an internship, co-op, or full time job. We encourage your involvement in these programs as a way of increasing your visibility and employer branding, as well as having a chance to identify talent early.


Establishing your campus presence through On-Campus Recruiting

Top 5 Reasons to Participate in OCR:

5. Access students and meet with faculty year-round and at convenient times.

4. Bypass phone interviews and interview students face-to-face

3. View students' résumés and share information about your organization, all in real time!

2. Private interview rooms with access to wi-fi, printer, copier, fax machine and unlimited coffee. Make our office your office.

1. It’s FREE – room, equipment, advertising (and reduced costs of bringing multiple candidates on site)

One of the most effective methods for recruiting undergraduate and graduate students is to develop and maintain a visible presence on campus. On-campus recruiting can help to increase presence, refine and intensify your targeted messaging to top talent, and jump into the hearts and minds of student job seekers, faculty members, and decision makers who might have never before considered your firm, building name recognition and educating various audiences.

Traditional on-campus recruiting can consist of information sessions, conducting open or pre-select interview schedules for full time, co-op or internship opportunities, and/or staffing a table in some of the most visible places on campus. At Clarkson, we go beyond and help provide you with access faculty members and advisors for clubs and SPEED Teams. We also give you the opportunity to interact with students informally by conducting workshops or serving as an employer in residence (counselor for a day). OCR is like your own personal career fair. On-campus interviews provide you with the opportunity to meet selected students on campus. The main benefit of on-campus interviews is the incredibly cost-effective opportunity to meet with a large number of students and decision makers in a short period of time.

Information sessions provide students with an inside look at your company’s history, structure, culture, benefits, and hiring needs. Employer information sessions are an effective way to meet informally with potential candidates or to promote your company. You can provide students additional information that you feel you might not have time to share during interviews, allowing you to spend precious time focusing on getting to know each candidate. Information sessions also serve as an excellent opportunity to fill in any openings on your interview schedule.

On campus recruiting is like one stop shopping; get your company’s name and brand shared across campus, meet perspective employees, promote your employer, connect and network with faculty, and build relationships. Let the Career Center do the scheduling and coordinating of students for you. We stay on top of your schedules and prepare interview packets with your finalized schedule and interviewees’ resumes on your interview day. A well planned OCR schedule can be a cost-effective way to meet top students, get to know the campus community, and project your brand. Our private interviewing suites offer internet access, so let our office be your office for the day (or two) while you search for great talent.


Interns: To pay or not to pay?

Recently the topic of whether to pay interns has been one of the most discussed on forums, at conferences, and in media. With the summer intern hiring season approaching, you may be interested to know what guidelines The Department of Labor has set. They use six general criteria to determine if it is okay for a for-profit employer to have an unpaid intern. Does your internship position have what it takes to be unpaid?

1. Internship contains significant educational component

2. Internship is for the benefit of the student

3. Intern does not displace regular employees

4. Employer derives no immediate advantage

5. Intern not entitled to a job

6. Employer and intern understand the intern is not entitled to wages

NACE will be publishing a position paper from the Principles Committee shortly that covers the topic of internships, including the posting of unpaid positions – watch for that to be released.

In addition, if you would like more info on the subject NACE has a webinar archive on this topic available at

There is also a list of articles on the subject at


Target Industries for New Graduates

The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2011 Student Survey found that recent graduates prefer to launch their careers in the professional services, education, government, or healthcare industries. This ranking of industries may affect the way your organization must market yourself in the coming recruiting season. How does your industry rank among recent graduates?

View the original article and chart in its entirety.


About the Career Center

The Clarkson University Career Center is the sole provider of career counseling to approximately 3,000 enterprising, high-ability undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in 50+ rigorous academic programs of study. The Career Center has many constituents, including students, employers, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents. We administer numerous programs, including: Study Abroad Exchange and our four experiential education programs, Cooperative Education, Internships, Mentoring and Job Shadowing. We also provide one-on-one and group advisement on all job search and career-related topics.

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