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In this Section

Anthony G. Collins, President
Kelly O. Chezum, Vice President for External Relations
Barbara A. Parker, Assistant to the President

Academic Affairs
Thomas C. Young, Provost

Government Relations
Robert H. Wood Jr., Director

Institutional Assessment
Geoffrey N. Brown, Director

School of Arts & Sciences
Peter Turner, Dean
Jerry W. Gravander, Associate Dean
Alan Rossner, University Health and Safety Officer

Clarkson Writing Center
Barbara Brady, Director

Department of Biology
Edward Moczydlowski, Chair

Department of Communication and Media
Stephen D. Farina, Chair

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bill Vitek, Chair

Department of Psychology
Robert Dowman, Chair

Division of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Phillip Christiansen, Division Head

Division of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Christopher Lynch, Interim Chair

Eastman Kodak Center for Excellence in Communication
Jerry W. Gravander, Interim Director

Department of Physical Therapy
Mary Alice Minor, Interim Chair

School of Business
Timothy F. Sugrue, Dean
Katherine H. Wears, Associate Dean

The Center for Global Competitiveness
Timothy F. Sugrue, Dean

Shipley Center for Innovation
Timothy F. Sugrue, Managing Director
Goodarz Ahmadi, Director of Technology
Jessica Kelly, Deputy Director

The Clarkson School
David Craig, Headmaster
Brenda Kozsan, Associate Head of School
Matthew Rutherford, Director of Admission and Financial Aid
Jennifer French, Assistant Director for Community & Academic Affairs

Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering
Goodarz Ahmadi, Dean
Susan Powers, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
John Moosbrugger, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Ruth Baltus, Chair 
Richard J. McCluskey, Associate Chair

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hung Tao Shen, Chair  
Levon Minnetyan, Associate Chair

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Thomas H. Ortmeyer, Chair
James A. Svoboda, Associate Chair

Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Daryush Aidun, Chair
Daniel T. Valentine, Associate Chair

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Programs:
Biomolecular Science
Phillip Christiansen, Program Director

Business and Liberal Arts Double Major (Aretê)
Frances Weller Bailey, Director

Digital Arts & Sciences
Dave Beck, Director 

Environmental Health Science
Alan Rossner, Program Director

Environmental Manufacturing Management
Thomas M. Holsen, Director

Environmental Science & Policy
Alan Rossner, Program Director

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs:
Engineering and Global Operations Management
Kenneth DaRin, Director

Information Technology
Dennis Horn, Director

Engineering & Management
Amy Zander, Director

Office of Educational Partnerships
Diane Brouwer, Program Coordinator

Software Engineering
Susan Conry, Director

Gregory C. Slack, Director of the Division of Research and Technology Transfer
Constance Ferguson, Grant and Contract Administrator/CAMP Financial Manager
Kimberly Klatt, Compliance Officer
Todd C. Travis, Award Administrator and Exchange Visitor Program Alternate Responsible Officer

Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP)
S.V. Babu, Director

Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES)
Philip K. Hopke, Director
Thomas M. Holsen, Co-Director

Institute for a Sustainable Environment
James S. Bonner, Director

Center for Quantum Device Technology
Vladimir Privman, Director

Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology
Charles J. Robinson, Director

Clarkson Space Grant Program
Daniel T. Valentine, Director

Institute for Statistical Physics
Lawrence S. Schulman, Director

International Center for Gravity Materials Science and Applications
Liya L. Regel, Director
William R. Wilcox, Associate Director

Department of Aerospace Studies
LTC Thomas Wilson, Chair

Department of Military Science
LTC John C. Hinrichs, Chair

University Honors Program
David Craig, Director
Haley Shen, Associate Director

University Library
Michelle Young, Library Director
Gayle C. Berry, Librarian
Sylvia Haq, Librarian
Byron V. Whitney, Librarian

Brian Grant, Dean of Admissions
Megan Bernier, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Peter Dangremond, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Minka Degan, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission
Trish Dobbs, Director of Transfer Admission
Erin Draper, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Alumni-Admission Coordinator
Kevin Emblidge, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Warren Harman, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Brooke Kelly, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Matthew LeBire, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission & Enrollment Operations
Deloras Narrow, New Student Financial Aid Service Representative
Tiffany Peña, Assistant Director of Transfer and Clarkson School Admission
Patricia Perrier, Associate Dean of International Admission & Financial Aid
Kara Pitts, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admission & New Student Financial Aid
Matthew Rutherford, Director of Admission of The Clarkson School
Jennifer Townsend, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admission & Honors Program Liaison
Jennifer Wick, Director of New Student Financial Assistance

Athletics, Recreation, and Physical Education
Steven Yianoukos, Director of Athletics
Jim Allott, Men's and Women's Cross Country and Nordic Skiing Coach
Matthew Desrosiers, Co-Head Women’s Hockey Coach
Shannon Desrosiers, Co-Head Women's Hockey Coach
Gregory Dreschel, Associate Men’s Hockey Coach
Johannes Dulfer, Head Volleyball Coach
Kathryn Durki, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Mark Gilbride, Men’s Basketball Coach
Nick Hillary, Men’s Soccer Coach
Jean-Francois Houle, Assistant Men’s Hockey Coach
Jim Kane, Baseball Coach/Assistant Golf Coach
Laurel Kane, Assistant Athletic Director/Women’s Soccer Coach
Kelly J. Krasco, Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Michael Maguire, Intramural Director/Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Coach
Gary Mikel, Director of Sports Information
Kelly Norman, Fitness Center Director/Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Michael Pitts, Head Athletic Trainer
George Roll, Head Men’s Hockey Coach
Scott E. Smalling, Director, Cheel Campus Center & Arena/Assistant Athletic Director
Vacant, Men’s and Women’s Alpine Skiing

Business and Financial Affairs
Nancy Kin, Chief Financial Officer

Affirmative Action
Jennifer de Coste, Interim AA Officer

Budget and Planning
Allison Aldrich, Director
Jenna S. Stone, Assistant Director for Institutional Research

Financial Operations
James D. Fish, Comptroller
Donna M. Martell, Associate Comptroller

Human Resources
George Giordano, Interim Director

Risk Management/Purchasing/Payroll/Special Projects
George Giordano, Director 
Elayna Mellas, Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Student Administrative Services
Karen Burkum, University Registrar
Jennifer LaPointe, Associate Registrar
Suzanne Davis, Associate Director of Student
Administrative Services/Technology Manager
Pamela Nichols, Director of Financial Aid

Facilities and Services
Gard Meserve, Director
John Frary, Maintenance Manager
Ian Hazen, University Engineer
Bill McDonald, Clerk of the Works
Scott Richardson, Grounds Manager
Shannon Robinson, Project Manager
Donald Shanty, Custodial Manager
Roy Wilson, Scheduler/Planner

Marketing and External Relations
Kelly O. Chezum, Vice President for External Relations
Tara Fountain, Special Projects Coordinator

Media Relations
Michael P. Griffin, Director of News and Digital Content Services

Susan M. Cutler, Editorial Assistant and University Proofreader
Renee A. Holsen, Associate Director and University Designer
Christopher F. Lenney, University Photographer
Jessica M. McPherson, University Writer
Suzanne Smith, Director and University Editor
Claudette J. VanEss, Production Manager and Graphic Designer
Jillana R. Yanus, Graphic Designer

Web Development
Julie M. Davis, Director
Nicholas Machia, Web Marketing Professional
Janessa Scott, Web Designer

Office of Information Technology
Gard Meserve, Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Cutler, Director of Administrative Computing
Kathryn Green, Director of User Services
Gina LaPointe, Director of Instructional Technology
Kevin Lynch, Director of Network Services

Philanthropy & Alumni Relations
Skip Leonard, Vice President
Peter A. Beekman, Director of Principal Gifts
Colleen Baker, Director of Philanthropic Research
Paul Julin, Associate Vice President of Philanthropy

Alumni Relations
Steve Newkofsky, Associate Vice President
Elisabeth Cain, Assistant Director
Suzann Couts, Assistant Director

Clarkson Fund
Marcell Mallette, Director
Ashley Cooley, Associate Director
Nichole Greene, Associate Director

Corporate and Foundation Relations
Jennifer E. Clarke, Director

Donor Relations
April L. Grant, Director

Major Gift
Robert Ahlfeld, Gift Planning Officer
Salvatore Cania, Director of Gift Planning
Teresa Chin, Gift Planning Officer
Donald R. Dangremond, Senior Gift Planning Officer

Philanthropy Operations
Janet Demers-Emburey, Manager of Report Writing

University Outreach and Student Affairs
Kathryn B. Johnson, Vice President

Dean of Students
Kurt W. Stimeling, Dean
Mark J. DeRitis, Associate Dean for Residence Life and Student Development

Office of Student Organizations
Jason Enser, Associate Dean of Students for Student Organizations and Student Center

Campus Safety & Security
David W. Delisle, Director

Co-Curricular Education and Programs
Paula L. Wilmot, Director

Career Center
Marty Ford, Director
Barbara Brown-Shor, Associate Director
Karla Fennell, Associate Director

Institutional Diversity Initiatives
Jennifer de Coste, Associate Vice President

Accommodative Services
Sheila McCarthy, Director

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
Amanda J. Pickering, Director
Nicole A. Tracy, Educational Specialist
Marilu McCambly, Counselor

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) and McNair Scholars Program
Marjorie B. Warden, Director
Tammy S. McGregor-Twiss, Assistant Director

International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO)
Tess Casler, Director

Student Success Center (SSC)
Catherine M. Clark, Associate Vice President 

Student Support Services (SSS)
Catherine Kaplan, Associate Director, Academic Skills Specialist and Counselor
Kathleen Mikel, Associate Director and Tutor Coordinator

Student Development
Mark J. DeRitis, Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life and Student Development

Counseling Center
David C. Bowen, Director
Amy L. Schroh, Assistant Director and First-Year Seminar Coordinator
John Shumway, Counselor

Student Health Center
Susan Knowles, FNP-BC, Director

First-Year Advising and University Studies
Catherine Avadikian, Director