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B.S. in Digital Arts & Sciences

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Program Director: Dave Beck

Digital Arts & Sciences (DA&S) is a multidisciplinary B.S. degree spanning the boundaries between the sciences and the arts. DA&S students benefit from an education in both the artistic and scientific aspects of digital graphic arts. The program prepares students for career opportunities in a wide range of fields — such as working with movie and video game companies, educational groups (Web-based delivery of exciting educational materials), computational science research (scientific visualization) and graphics for virtual reality applications.

Students take advantage of programs in digital art, math, computer science and communication & media. The program’s objective is to combine artistic and scientific skills and interests to develop creative talent with a strong technical foundation.

DA&S students benefit from small classes and personal attention. The DA&S major is strengthened by Clarkson’s technology-rich environment. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and experiences such as:

  • Internet Teaching Laboratory
  • Eastman Kodak Center for Excellence in Communication
  • Virtual Reality Discovery Laboratory
  • Clarkson Open Source Institute
  • Digital Art Software and Programs
  • Digital Video and Audio Equipment
  • 2D and 3D Printing Technology
  • Motion Capture Equipment
  • Field Trips to Digital Art Companies and Conferences

Digital Art Portfolio Development
DA&S students develop their research and creative abilities through an extensive portfolio development process spanning multiple semesters. The culminating project, a digital art portfolio, requires each DA&S student to demonstrate his or her creative ability and technical prowess in a variety of media choices, using a wide range of digital tools. The portfolio will tangibly demonstrate a student’s skills and potential, and will prove to be a key first-step in leading to job opportunities and/or entry to graduate school.

Areas of Study Credit Hours
Digital Arts and Communication & Media (DA and COMM) 39
Mathematics and Computer Science (MA, STAT, and CS) 39
Science 11
Clarkson Common Experience 12
Free Electives 18
First-Year Seminar 1
Total 120

Digital Arts & Sciences Curriculum
First Semester   Second Semester
Course Title Cr. Hrs.   Course Title Cr. Hrs.
DA110 Drawing 3   DA100 Intro to Digital Art 3
MA131 Calculus I 3   MA132 Calculus II 3
CS141 Computer Science I 4   CS142 Computer Science II 3
COMM221 2D Design 3   DA120 Elements of Design 3
UNIV190 Clarkson Seminar 3     Knowledge Area Elective 3
FY100 First-Year Seminar 1        
     line        line
    17       15
First Semester   Second Semester
Course Title Cr. Hrs.   Course Title Cr. Hrs.
CS242 Adv. Java Program     3     300 Level DA Course     3
MA232 Differential Equations     3   MA230 3-D Space & Proj. Geo.     3
DA200 3D Digital Design     3   COMM341 Intro to Web Design     3
DA250 Algorithmic & Inter. Art     3     Free Elective     3
PH131 Physics I (or PH141)     4   PH132   Physics II (or PH142)


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First Semester   Second Semester
Course Title Cr. Hrs.   Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MA377 Numerical Methods     3   MA339 Applied Linear Algebra     3
COMM327 Digital Video I     3   CS452 Computer Graphics     3
MA/CS Elective     3   MA/CS Elective     3   
DA491 Professional Practice     3   DA/COMM Elective     3
  Free Elective     3     University Course     3
    line       line
      15         15
First Semester   Second Semester
Course Title Cr. Hrs.   Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MA381 Probability (or STAT383)     3   DA492 Senior Studies     3
  Science Elective     2     Knowledge Area Elective     3
  Knowledge Area Elective     3     Free Elective     3
  DA/COMM/MA/CS Elective     3     Free Elective     2
  Free Elective     2     Free Elective     2
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      13         13

Students must also meet the Common Experience requirements for communication points and a technology course, though it is anticipated that the required courses will satisfy these. MA231 Calculus III satisfies the MA230 requirement for double majors or changes of major.