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Interdisciplinary Programs

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In recent years, Clarkson University has built on its existing strengths in business, engineering, liberal arts, and the sciences to develop an increasing number of new interdisciplinary majors that combine learning from two or more traditionally distinct areas. Today, many of the most profound advances in knowledge are occurring at the intersections of previously separate academic disciplines and industrial fields. These innovative programs reflect not only the strength of the University’s academic faculty and resources, but also the flexibility and vitality of Clarkson’s highly collaborative academic environment.

Undergraduate Programs
Interdisciplinary Programs in Environmental Science
Environmental Science is a fast-evolving and high-demand field for students interested in applying broad expertise in the life sciences (biology and ecology) and policy (law, regulatory history, politics, ethics) to the environmental challenges of the day. At Clarkson students can choose between two programs: Environmental Science & Policy or Environmental Health Science. If you are uncertain about which program to choose, you can wait until the end of your sophomore year to decide. All students in Environmental Science share a common three-semester experience.

B.S. in Environmental Science & Policy 
B.S. In Environmental Health Science (Industrial Hygiene-Environmental Toxicology)

Additional Interdisciplinary Studies

B.S. in Engineering & Management
B.S. in Software Engineering
B.S. in Liberal Arts and Business Double Major (Aretê)