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ERC - Educational Resources Center

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Office of Information Technology
Clarkson University is wholly committed to providing high-quality computer resources, services and support to meet the diverse needs of its students and faculty. The mission of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is to provide access to teaching, learning, research, administrative and communication technologies through a commitment to excellence in customer support and technical leadership in fulfillment of the institutional mission. This involves leveraging the University’s corporate partnerships to provide high-performance hardware and software, while employing a distributed user support structure. As a result, Clarkson students receive access to up-to-date technology, backed by direct assistance from easily accessible and highly skilled OIT support staff.

Access to OIT resources is provided by a high-speed, fiber-optic network “backbone” connecting University classrooms, laboratories, on-campus housing, and faculty offices. Students are able to access their files and resources from any computer on campus, with remote access available for most systems.

OIT operates several computer laboratories that provide high-performance PC and Linux-based workstations, servers, and software for mathematics, statistics, data analysis, graphics, engineering design, simulation/modeling, document preparation, multimedia development, and relational database management/design. The following is just a partial list of software titles in use at Clarkson:

MAPLE MS Office Suite Professional
3D Studio Visual Studio
Adobe Photoshop Oracle
Adobe Premier MasterCam

Clarkson’s computer labs support research and classroom instruction. One lab is equipped for high-resolution 3D graphics for use in modeling physical processes, chemical reactions, and material design in virtual reality.

OIT supports Clarkson’s commitment to integrating technology into the classroom through its user services operation. User services supports both students and faculty by providing and maintaining software, equipment and facilities for the production, dissemination, and utilization of learning resource materials. In addition to traditional audio-visual equipment, large screen computer and video projection systems are strategically placed in lecture halls throughout the campus for large group and classroom instruction. Several of the lecture halls are fully networked with access ports for laptops at every seat for student use. Wireless access (WiFi compatible, 802.11b or 802.11g) is now available in group study areas and several lecture halls across campus.

Student Personal Computers
Because information technology is such an integral part of today’s marketplace, it is strongly recommended that every Clarkson undergraduate student have an appropriate personal computer. Entering students who do not already possess a PC may purchase one through the University. High-speed network access is available for all students residing on campus. In addition, students can also access the network at any one of the numerous computer labs and clusters in academic buildings.

Student PCs are linked to a broad range of resources on campus and around the world, which greatly enhances the academic experience. Students not only use their PCs for word processing, e-mail and Internet research, but also for accessing course software and the campus electronic library data. Clarkson faculty make extensive use of the Web for dissemination of instructional material and interactions with students.

Laptop Purchase Program
Students may either bring a PC or buy one through the University. To eliminate the guesswork associated with purchasing a computer, Clarkson students can contact OIT to purchase a laptop preconfigured to meet University curriculum requirements.

Computer Assistance

Current information and answers to computer related questions are available on the OIT Web page at For undergraduate and graduate students, OIT professional staff and assistance are available to help with all aspects of computer and network use.

The University Libraries

The University Libraries support Clarkson University’s mission by promoting academic excellence through the implementation of programs, policies and strategies geared towards the innovative vision of libraries in the 21st century in support of teaching and research.

The Harriet Call Burnap Memorial Library is the main library located on the hill campus in the Educational Resources Center (ERC). Its collection comprises more than 500,000 volumes, over 1,600 print and electronic journals, an estimated 9,000 electronic books, thousands of government documents and reports, Clarkson University dissertations, the Ridings Collection, and University Archives. The library also offers access to several electronic databases and online reference works, including but not limited to encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories and newspapers.

The Health Sciences Library is the University Libraries’ branch library and is located in the Center for Health Sciences (Clarkson Hall) on the downtown campus. This unique collection serves the University’s health programs, as well as the local health industry. Its collection includes 1,730 books and 198 reference books, as well as 83 journal titles.

The Clarkson University library catalog is available on the campus network, as are catalogs from neighboring colleges, a combined catalog for Northern New York libraries, and a “supercatalog” covering millions of books throughout the country and the world. Clarkson students have access to the library resources of the other member institutions of the Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley. Together, the four local academic libraries provide excellent support for the diverse fields of study offered within the consortium. Materials not found in the local libraries can be ordered through electronic interlibrary loan services.

Increasingly, the library provides information services through the Web, available to students in classrooms and labs, residence halls, and even off-campus. Clarkson licenses online reference works including encyclopedias, dictionaries and directories, full-text books, abstracts and indexes used to identify journal articles in all fields of study, and full-text journals and newspapers. Several databases combine indexes to journal articles with online full text of the articles, considerably expanding what is available through our own journal collection. For many students, our licensed Web resources provide the primary source of academic reference materials needed for their studies.