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Scholarships & Financial Assistance

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Financial assistance from Clarkson may consist of scholarships, grants, loans, and employment, either singly or in combination. The Office of Financial Aid distributes aid in such a way as to help the maximum number of qualified students enroll and continue in school until graduation.  Students will not have the entire cost of education met by Clarkson; every student will be expected to pursue other sources of aid outside the University. Students are encouraged to explore state and private loan and scholarship opportunities through their high school guidance offices or state education departments.

Prospective U.S. first-year students who wish to be considered for aid from Clarkson must complete the following:
  • File a completed application for admission by January 15 of the final year of secondary school
  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than FEBRUARY 1.

The quickest and easiest method to apply is online at  The paper form may be available from high school guidance offices, the Office of Undergraduate Admission, or Student Administrative Services at Clarkson.  Early Decision Plan applicants will receive appropriate applications and instructions directly from Clarkson’s Undergraduate Admission Office.

Prospective U.S. transfer students who wish to be considered for financial aid must apply for admission to Clarkson and submit the FAFSA form. Financial aid award notices are issued to transfer students on a rolling basis beginning in early March for fall admission and in early November for spring admission.

Retention requirements for each type of financial aid is clearly enumerated on the annual Financial Aid Award Notification (FAN) issued to each student who qualifies for assistance.

Responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance under provisions of one or more federal programs include an annual application (FAFSA) and maintenance of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid as published annually in the Clarkson Regulations issued to each enrolled student. These regulations are available to prospective students upon request from the Admissions Office. Please note: Clarkson is required by federal regulations to verify specific information submitted on the FAFSA application. Compliance procedures require that Clarkson obtain signed copies of the student’s and parents’ federal income tax returns and W-2 forms. The eligibility schedules for federal and New York State financial assistance can be found in the annual Clarkson Regulations.

At Clarkson almost 95 percent of all undergraduates receive some form of financial aid,
including state awards and loans. Over 90 percent of first-year students receive awards directly from the University.


Clarkson Grant

Substantial funds are available for students who show above-average promise for success at Clarkson. Stipends vary according to the financial need and academic achievement of the student. Awards for the academic year are made during the preceding spring by the Office of Financial Aid.

Clarkson Merit Award
A limited number of merit awards are available to both new and continuing students, based solely on prior academic success and the promise of future achievement. Examples include Clarkson Merit Awards, Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Beta Gamma awards, Adirondack Scholarships, and Five-Boroughs Scholarships. Recipients are chosen by the Office of New Student Financial Assistance.

Holcroft Alumni Recognition Scholarship
Based upon very strong potential for success, in combination with the recommendation from a Clarkson alumnus, approximately 50 entering students each year are selected for this prestigious renewable award. Annual grant amounts are $500. These awards are funded by gifts from Clarkson alumnae/i.

Clarkson FIRST Scholarship
This scholarship recognizes high school seniors who have participated on a FIRST Robotics team during their high school years. Awards range in amounts from $1,000 to $6,000 annually. More information about applying for this scholarship can be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Clarkson Leadership and Achievement Award
This program annually recognizes high school juniors and community college students who demonstrate strong leadership qualities in combination with excellent academic achievement. Participating high schools and community colleges nominate one student each year for the Leadership Award. The student, upon acceptance and enrollment at Clarkson, will receive a $11,000-per-year tuition grant for up to four years (total $44,000). These schools may also nominate one student each year for the Achievement Award who, upon acceptance and enrollment at Clarkson, will receive an $9,000-per-year tuition grant for up to four years (total $36,000). If students receive multiple tuition-based awards, combined tuition scholarships/grants from all sources cannot exceed full tuition plus fees. Students who receive ROTC scholarships may retain a maximum of $1,000 of the Leadership or Achievement Award each year for up to four years (total $4,000). Tuition exchange recipients are not eligible to receive the Leadership or Achievement Awards.

Honors Program
Students of exceptional ability are accepted into the University Honors Program as entering freshmen or after their first year. All Honors students receive a scholarship as part of their Clarkson financial aid package. (See Academic Program Options)

New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
New York State residents may be eligible for awards ranging from $500 to $5,000 annually. No repayment is required. NYS residents must file a FAFSA application to be considered for assistance from New York State. Awards are based on family income. Award certificates are sent to the student’s home. TAP funds are credited to the student's account after certification of full-time enrollment status and confirmation of satisfactory academic progress as defined by New York State regulations.

State Scholarships
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and many other states have state-sponsored scholarship programs. It is suggested that students contact their high school guidance offices or state education departments for information on state scholarships.

State Aid to Native Americans
A member of any Native American tribe within New York State may be awarded $2,000 annually for a maximum of four years of full-time study. State aid to Native Americans is an entitlement program. There is neither a qualifying examination nor a limited number of awards. Application forms may be obtained from the Native American Education Unit, New York State Education Department, Albany, New York 12234.

Pell Grants
Eligibility is determined by the federal government, based on information provided on the FAFSA. Amounts range from $976 to $5350 annually.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
This is a nonrepayable federal grant, administered by the University, that is awarded to Pell Grant recepients. The student must be in good academic standing, successfully progressing with his or her class. Renewals are contingent upon financial need. The awards range from $700 to $1,200 annually. Availability is dependent upon federal funding.

Federal Work-Study Program
Federal Work-Study is awarded to eligible students based on the information submitted on the FAFSA. Students are given the opportunity to work at various sites on campus. The amount each work-study student may earn is predetermined by the Office of Financial Aid. The student works a specific number of hours each week during the semester to earn that amount. Students are included in the University payroll system and receive a bi-weekly paycheck. Work-study money is allocated to the University by the federal government and jobs are contingent upon funding.

Veterans Scholarship Program
The Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966 enables veterans to obtain financial aid for a college education. To be eligible, a veteran must have been released from the service since January 31, 1955, and have served more than 181 days. Information and applications are available at the local Veterans Administration Office.

Clarkson provides funds for highly competitive academic awards made annually to Army and Air Force veterans who have been separated from the service for less than a year. The scholarships provide up to full tuition until completion of the degree program.

Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships
Many merit-based tuition scholarships are available to Air Force ROTC cadets; they vary from $3,000 to full tuition, and all scholarships include a tiered stipend of $250-$400 per academic month. Below is a list of current scholarships.

  • TYPE I —  $32,910 for 2009-10
  • TYPE II — $18,000 towards tuition
  • TYPE III — $9,000 towards tuition
  • TYPE VI — $3,000 towards tuition
  • TYPE VIII — A competitive-based academic upgrade of a TYPE II, pays up to 80% of tuition.

TYPE I, II, III, and VIII include $300 per semester for books, a monthly stipend of $250-$400, and are eligible to receive the Clarkson ROTC Incentive Scholarship of $11,518 to be used for housing and meal expenses in Clarkson residence halls.

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships

Army ROTC Scholarship winners receive a tuition benefit of $32,910 for the 2009-2010 academic year. This amount represents the total tuition and fees for the academic year. Winners will also receive a book allowance of $900 per year and a tax-fee stipend of $250-$400 per month for 10 months. All Army ROTC Scholarship winners are eligible to receive the Clarkson ROTC Incentive

Scholarship of $11,518 to be used for housing and meal expenses in Clarkson residence halls. For more information please contact the Department of Military Science, Clarkson Army ROTC at 315-265-2180 or at

Clarkson ROTC Incentive Scholarship (Army and Air Force)
Eligible ROTC Scholarship recipients may receive the Clarkson ROTC Incentive Scholarship. This scholarship is valued at $11,518 for the 2009-2010 academic year. Proceeds from the Clarkson ROTC Incentive Scholarship may only be used for housing and meal expenses in Clarkson residence halls.

VA Yellow Ribbon Program
Beginning in August 2009, Clarkson has been approved as a participant in the VA Yellow Ribbon Program. The Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act provides partial tuition and fee benefits to eligible active duty, veterans and eligible dependents. As a Yellow Ribbon school, Clarkson will contribute 50% of the remaining cost of tuition and fees. The Department of Veterans Affairs will match this amount. In partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Clarkson will ensure that the full cost of tuition and fees will be covered at a rate of 100%.

Employment at Clarkson
Each year various departments and offices on campus employ students who do not qualify for federal work study. Students may interview as the jobs become available. Student Administrative Services is able to assist interested students find employment at the University or in the community.

ARAMARK (University Food Service)
ARAMARK hires about 200 students each year. Students may inquire at the ARAMARK office when they arrive for classes.

Clarkson Payment Plan (PP)
Clarkson provides a 12-month payment plan, an option attractive to many families.

Participation in the PP is extended to anyone with a U.S. address. The applicant determines the amount to be financed; the maximum amount is the total charges less estimated financial aid, and the minimum amount is $1,000 a semester. The PP is available with no finance or interest charges, so long as payments are made in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Detailed information regarding the PP and applications are available from Student Administrative Services, Clarkson University, PO Box 5548, Potsdam, NY 13699-5548; 315-268-6451 or at www.clarkson/sas/forms.

Clarkson Endowed, Sponsored, and Share Clarkson Scholarships
Various individuals, foundations and corporations have donated funds to establish scholarships for Clarkson students who meet certain criteria. Endowed scholarships provide assistance to students in perpetuity. Sponsored scholarships provide assistance on an annual basis. In general these awards are made to upperclass students who maintain outstanding averages and meet other specified criteria. Awards are made by the Office of Financial Aid. Generally, students retain the award for the remainder of their undergraduate career at Clarkson to the extent of a four-year period, provided academic and financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards are maintained. Amounts are credited to the student’s account.

Scholarships established through the generosity of Clarkson benefactors are awarded with the understanding that there is a moral obligation for the student to repay the funds received. By accepting the grant award, the student accepts the moral responsibility to contribute to Clarkson when financially able to do so. By fulfilling this moral obligation, the student will help replenish the grant fund ensuring Clarkson will be able to offer institutional aid to future students. A list of endowed and sponsored scholarships follows:

Endowed Scholarships
The Arthur, Dora and JoAnn L. Armani Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frank and Lee Augsbury Endowed Scholarship Fund
Azote Inc. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gordon W. Babcock ’46 Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Gordon C. "Stub" Baker ’27 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Raymond and Esther Baker Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Arnold and Helen Barben Endowed Scholarship Fund
The H. Douglas and Sara Barclay Endowed Scholarship Fund
Professor Robert Barr Endowment Scholarship
Charles E. Becker Memorial Scholarship Fund
John J. Bero, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bart Blaner '83 Endowed Scholarship
Andrea K. Bridge ’68 and John E. O’Beirne Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund
Bradford Broughton Technical Communications Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bulriss Endowed Scholarship
A. Douglas Burrow ’31 Endowed Scholarship
Purcell J. and Edith O. Brownell Endowed Scholarship Fund
Cala Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Janice L. Campbell Endowed Scholarship Fund
Robert W. Carroll Jr. ’63 Endowed Scholarship Fund
James D. Cartin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edwin C. Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clarkson University General Scholarship Fund
Clarkson University Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clarkson University Parents Endowed Scholarship Fund
Class of 1947 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frederick W. Cleveland North Country Merit Scholarship Fund
Thomas F. Clough ’62 Endowed Presidential Achievement Scholarship Fund
Doug and Jane Collette Scholarship Fund
Wallace H. Coulter Endowed Scholarship
Wendall O. Covell Scholarship Fund
Kristin Bandy Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Crane Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ralph S. Damon Endowed Scholarship Fund
David E. Davies ’77 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Deneka Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) Endowed Scholarship Fund
R. David Diederich ’64 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Benson G. Diefendorf Endowed Scholarship Fund
James L. Dohr Accounting Scholarship Fund
Richard C. ’55 and Joy M. Dorf Endowed Scholarship Fund
Emerson Foundation Matching Grant for Endowed Presidential Scholarships
James E. Fassett Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Samuel B. Feitelberg Physical Therapy Fellowship Endowed Scholarship
Joan and Barry S. Fischer ’54 School of Business Endowed Scholarship Fund
Barry S. Fischer ’54 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ferris Fayette Flint Electrical Scholarship Fund
John F. Frazier ’38 & L.K. Sillcox Endowed Scholarship
J. Ronald Frazer ’45 Endowed Fellowship
Phil Garda ’67 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
FLIR Systems, Inc. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Fred and Betsy Garry Endowed Scholarship Fund
William B. Gero Memorial Scholarship Fund
Christopher W. Gilmore ’88 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The Ruth and Sandy ’54 Ginsberg Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Joel ’57 and Lynda Goldschein Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frank C. Goodrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anna and Frank Greenwall Scholarship Fund
Frank E. Gutmann Memorial Scholarship Fund
Margaret Van Hamlin Haddad Scholarship Fund
Erwin C. ’48 and Jeanne Hamm Scholarship Fund
Hammam Endowed Scholarship
Terry O. Harden ’76 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Frank M. Hardiman Scholarship Fund
The Lynn P. Harrison, III and Tonya P. Harrison Endowed Scholarship Fund
William P. Harrison Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ralph E. ’55 and Solita Hawes Endowed Scholarship Fund
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ellen Herrick Endowed Scholarship Fund
George O. and Clara E. Hodge Endowed Scholarship Fund
Harry and Florence P. Hull and Katherine Hull Endowed Scholarship Fund
William ’61 and Elaine Hurd Endowed Scholarship Fund
Clarke H. Joy ’29 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Albert C. and Ella Hyde Endowed Scholarship Fund
Sol Kaplan Scholarship Fund
The Kardan Scholarship Fund
The Gary F. Kelly Endowed Scholarship Fund
William H. ’53 and Beverly Lane Endowed Scholarship Fund
William H. Lane Incorporated Endowed Scholarship Fund
Earl L. LaPointe ’22 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Larose Endowed Scholarship
Kristine M. Layn Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Howard E. ’48 and Mary Lou Lechler Endowed Scholarship
Cecile and Herman Lieberman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Barbara Hewett Lowers Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Norman ’51 and Pat Maggione Scholarship
Egon Matijevic´ Endowed Chemistry Scholarship Fund
Peter M. Mayo ’71 Endowed Scholarship
Charles T. Mosier ’72 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Steve Neely Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
J. Paul Nessler ’69 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Ronald R. "Monk" Neugold ’52 Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Newell Family Endowed Scholarships
New York State Federation of Home Bureaus (St. Lawrence County) Scholarship Fund
New York State Federation of Home Bureaus (Louise Villeneuve McMahon) Scholarship Fund
Lisa Niles ’78 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Nathan and Janet Owen Endowed Scholarship Fund
James P. Papayanakos Scholarship
Kenneth R. and Margaret K. Parker Endowed Scholarship Fund
Sara Snell Petersen/W. Hollis Petersen Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Dick Pratt Endowed Prize Fund (PEP Fund) established by Phyllis A. Palumbo and Anthony J. Palumbo, M.D. (1960), and Family
Ledyard H. Pfund ’40 Presidential Achievement Award Scholarship Fund
Leo ’25 and Gertrude Ploof Endowed Scholarship Fund
Harold A. and Dorothy Putnam Endowed Scholarship Fund
George H. Randall ’16 and Paul W. Randall ’92 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Stephen C. Redding ’63 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kyle G. Reichley ’85 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gerald ’58 and Judith Reinman Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Ernest ’42 and Constance Richmond Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ridings Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Elwyn J. Rodee Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paul Rodgers Memorial Endowed Scholarship
William J. Rowley Endowed Scholarship Fund
Albert L. and Mary S. Sayer Endowed Scholarship Fund
Joseph Scaturro Endowed Scholarship Fund
Fred Schoenhut '78 Endowed Scholarship
Willard G. Shafer ’53 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Shelly Electric Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ethel B. Simpson Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sisson Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jay P. Smee ’52 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Barry P. Smith ’65 Endowed Scholarship Fund
James T. and Grace B. Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund
William D. ’54 and Shirley Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund
John Ben Snow Foundation Endowed Scholarship
George J. Stanley Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Thompson Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Fay ’62 & Nadine Tolman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Earle E. Towlson ’27 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Edward F. Tucker Endowed Scholarship Fund
Merton Van Sant/Industrial Development Agency Endowed Scholarship Fund
Melissa A. Walsh ’03, ’05 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Wagner Scholarship Fund
The Dr. John ’73 and Roberta Wasenko and Family School of Engineering Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Dr. John ’73 and Roberta Wasenko and Family Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. Mark W. and Beulah Welch Endowed Scholarship Fund
Norma Welch Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Richard and Gina Weniger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
J.R. Weston Endowed Scholarship Fund
Nancy E. and James E. Wood ’64 Endowed Scholarship Fund
MK Woods ’82 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Clarence F. Wright Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eugene R. Yeager Jr. ’75 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Yentzer Endowed Scholarship Fund
Zieger Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sponsored Scholarships
Alcoa Sponsored Scholarship
Alcoa Minority Sponsored Scholarship
Andrew Joseph Jankowiak Sponsored Scholarship
Babcock & Wilcox Company Sponsored Scholarship
Bechtel Diversity Scholarship Fund
Bechtel Engineering Sponsored Scholarship
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Sponsored Scholarship
Clarkson Club Sponsored Scholarship
Comstock Memorial Trust Sponsored Scholarship
Crane Company MBA Scholarship for Supply Chain
Richard C. ’55 and Joy M. Dorf Annual Sponsored Scholarship
Eastman Kodak Focus Sponsored Scholarship
Richard H. Gallagher Memorial Sponsored Scholarship
GE Fund Sponsored Scholarship
Gleason Foundation Sponsored Scholarship
Beecher ’50 and Elinore Greenman Sponsored Scholarship
Edwin E. Hatch Foundation Sponsored Scholarship
William ’61 and Elaine Hurd Sponsored Scholarship
Michael Lewis Jaeger Memorial Sponsored Scholarship
Key Bank Scholarship
Kiewit Construction Company Sponsored Scholarship
Lockheed Martin Sponsored Scholarships
Richard H. Miller ’63 Sponsored Scholarship Fund
Michael W. Morrison ’89 Memorial Sponsored Scholarship
National Starch & Chemical Company Sponsored Scholarship
Niagara National Inc. Sponsored Scholarship
North Country Friends Sponsored Scholarship
O’Brien & Gere Sponsored Scholarship
Karen Mazzella Olmstead ’84 Memorial Sponsored Scholarship Fund
P&G Sponsored Scholarship
Proctor & Gamble Minority Sponsored Scholarship
Raytech Technical Sponsored Scholarship
The Gerald ’58 and Judith Reinman Sponsored Scholarship
The David Scaringe ’01 Memorial Scholarship
Todd Stanley Searfoss ’79 Memorial Sponsored Scholarship
Stantec Consulting Services Incorporated Sponsored Scholarship
Norman Westerman Thurston ’63 Sponsored Scholarship
UTC/Carrier Corporation Women’s Scholarship
Wyeth-Ayerst Sponsored Scholarship
Xerox Corporation Sponsored Scholarship

Share Clarkson Direct Scholarships
Gilbert and Ruth Adams Share Clarkson Scholarship
Advani ’70 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Dorr B.C. Begnal ’83 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Bouchard/Mountjoy Share Clarkson Scholarship
Bayard Delafield Clarkson Share Clarkson Scholarship
Bayard Clarkson Jr. Share Clarkson Scholarship
Virginia Clark Clarkson Share Clarkson Scholarship
John D. Correnti ’69 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Crane Family Share Clarkson Scholarship
Lauren M. (LaPine) ’88 and Michael J. Coleman II Share Clarkson Scholarship
Jane and Douglas Collette ’71 Share Clarkson Scholarship
The Sylvia Johnson Dillenback Share Clarkson Direct Scholarship
Sean and Lori Donohoe Share Clarkson Scholarship
Fanch Share Clarkson Scholarship
Joseph and Ruth Ferrer Share Clarkson Scholarship
Everett and Judith Foster Share Clarkson Scholarship
Elbridge W. Fuller ’33 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Joel ’57 and Lynda Goldschein Share Clarkson Scholarship
Goldman Share Clarkson Direct Share Clarkson Scholarship
The Elinore and Beecher Greenman ’50 Share Clarkson Direct Scholarship
Rosemary A. Harrington Share Clarkson Scholarship
W. Jon Harrington Share Clarkson Scholarship
Daniel C. Heintzelman ’79 (1) Share Clarkson Scholarship
Daniel C. Heintzelman ’79 (2) Share Clarkson Scholarship
Ellen Herman ’85 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Bryan Hochstein ’87 Share Clarkson Scholarship
M. Hubbard Construction Inc. Share Clarkson Scholarship
John B. and Susan Johnson Share Clarkson Scholarship
Rodney D. Johnson ’82 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Alan F. Lafley ’43 Family Share Clarkson Scholarship
Lawler Family Share Clarkson Scholarship
Matthew J. Maslyn ’77 Share Clarkson Scholarship
McDonald Mascott Share Clarkson Scholarship
The Joseph F. McCarthy ’85 Share Clarkson Direct Scholarship Fund
Lisa A. Napolione ’87 Share Clarkson Scholarship
The Dr. John Perry Share Clarkson Direct Scholarship Fund
Kathryn A. Premo ’84 Share Clarkson Scholarship
David D. Reh ’62 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Larry Shakley ’71 Share Clarkson Scholarship
The Share Clarkson Direct Scholarship in Honor of Katherine H. Wears
       established by Richard R. ’69 and Connie Griffith
John ’60 and Verna Sherrick Share Clarkson Scholarship
William D. ’54 and Shirley Smith Share Clarkson Scholarship
Structural Associates Share Clarkson Scholarship
Ron Terry ’72 Memorial Share Clarkson Scholarship
John A. ’56 and Bunny Thompson Share Clarkson Scholarship
Alissa, Donna and Steve Tritman ’68 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Susan J. and Ellsworth F. Vines ’65 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Rita Fadale Wagner Share Clarkson Scholarship
Nelson ’79 and Barbara Wetmore ’79 Share Clarkson Scholarship
Wolfley Family Share Clarkson Scholarship
Ziek Share Clarkson Scholarship

Prize Funds
Gregory P. Arnold ’73 Memorial Award
Jerome D. Barnum Memorial Prize
Randy Brockway ’91 Memorial Award
Stephen Brunauer Memorial Award
Charles M. Clark Memorial Award
Frederica Clarkson Prize
Levinius Clarkson Prize
Vern Clute Memorial Academic Achievement
William Coleman Memorial Prize
Francis Deneen Prize
William Farrisee Memorial Award
Doc Jones Prize
Elizabeth A. Kissel ’90 Memorial Award
Richard Brady Legro ’82 Memorial Award
Albert Merrill ’13 Faculty Prize
Dr. Carl Michel Prize
Fran Neragin Prize
Perkins Family Memorial Award
Kyle G. Reichley ’85 Memorial Award for Excellence in Management
Shirley Rogers Memorial Award
Robert E. Rosati ’52 Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering
John B. Russell Memorial Prize
Ilse J. Shaw Award
R. Shankar Subramanian ’69 Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement in Chemical Engineering
Turpin Technical Communications Junior and Senior Awards
Martin A. Welt ’54 Family Awards

Endowed and Sponsored Prizes and Awards
Clarkson bestows prizes and awards, both monetary and nonmonetary, upon deserving Clarkson students in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the academic, athletic and extracurricular life of the institution. Amounts are credited to the student’s account.

A list of prizes and awards follows:
Raymond R. Andrews Achievement Award
Gregory P. Arnold ’73 Memorial Endowed Prize
Jerome D. Barnum Memorial Award
Randy Brockway ’91 Memorial Award
Stephen Brunauer Memorial Award for Excellence in Chemistry
Charles Martin Clark Award
Clarkson Alumni Frederica Clarkson Award
Clarkson Alumni Levinus Clarkson Award
Vern Clute Memorial Academic Achievement Award
Major William Coleman Award
Francis Dineen Award
The Dean William J. Farrisee Memorial Award
John W. Graham Jr. Leadership Award
George A. Gray Endowed Fellowship
Doc Jones Prize Fund
Elizabeth A. Kissel ’90 Endowed Memorial Award
The John H. Koerner, Jr. ’76 Intramural Award
The John H. Koerner, Jr. ’76 Memorial Award
The Martin M. Koshar ’55 Endowed Prize
Richard Brady Legro ’82 Memorial Award
Albert D. Merrill ’13 Endowed Faculty Prize
Dr. Carl Michel Award
Mike Morrison ’89 Memorial Coaches Award
Fran Neragin Award
Perkins Family Memorial Award
The Norman L. Rea Award
Kyle G. Reichey ’85 Memorial Alumni Award for Excellence in Info Systems & Business Processes
The Shirley Rogers Residence Hall Advisor Award
Robert E. Rosati ’52 Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering
John B. Russell Memorial Prize
Ilse J. Shaw School of Management Freshman Award
Ilse J. Shaw School of Management Sophomore Award
STAFDA Outstanding Junior Award
STAFDA Outstanding Senior Award
Arthur L. Straub Memorial Award
R. Shankar Subramanian Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement in Chemical Engineering
Turpin Technical Communications Junior Award
Turpin Technical Communications Senior Award
Arthur J. Wells Prize
Martin A. Welt ’54 Family Awards


William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan
Federal Direct Loans including both subsidized and unsubsidized loans, are low-interest loans funded by the federal government.  Maximum annual borrowing limits are: First-year students, $5,500; sophomores, $6,500; juniors and seniors, $7,500. Aggregate loan totals for combined subsidized and unsubsidized loans cannot exceed $31,000 for dependent undergraduates and $57,500 for independent undergraduates.  Aggregate loan limits for subsidized loans for all undergraduate students may not exceed $23,000.

Perkins Loan
This is a federally funded, University-administered loan program for undergraduate students. The loan bears a five percent interest rate, and payments start nine months after the recipient ceases to be a student. Under certain conditions, some or all of the loan may be subject to cancellation. Repayments are made on a monthly basis over a period not to exceed 10 years. The minimum monthly payment is $30. Students with Perkins loans who are withdrawing from Clarkson should contact ECSI, our loan servicer, to arrange for an exit interview.  ECSI may be reached at 888-549-3274 or online at  Click on the Borrower link and then log-in to your account.

Clarkson Loan Funds
Clarkson has 23 separate loan funds from which students may borrow up to $2,000 in any semester, subject to availability and borrower qualification. These loans are available through Student Administrative Services. Repayment begins nine months after a student’s enrollment at Clarkson terminates. A list of loan funds follows:

Frederick E. Anderson Memorial Loan Fund
The Arnold and Helen Barben Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Beazer East Loan Fund
Clarkson University Memorial Loan Fund
ABB Combustion Engineering Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Arthur Vining Davis Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Decker/Dulude/Corning Scholars Program
Demeree-Toohey Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Charles A. Frueauff Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Ada Howe Kent Foundation Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
John H. Koerner, Jr., Loan Fund
Robert and Jane LaHair Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Lambda Phi Epsilon Student Loan Fund
George O. Miles Memorial Loan Fund
National Grid Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
North Country Friends Loan Fund
Alan D. Nolet '78 Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
The William S. Prescott Memorial Incentive Loan Fund
Procter & Gamble Chemical Engineering Loan Fund
Elwood (Pete) Quesada Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
N. L. and Eleanor Rea Student Loan Fund
George E. Snyder Memorial Loan Fund
Walter E. Turnbull Memorial Scholarship Incentive Loan Fund
Arthur O. and Louella K. West Memorial Loan Fund

Students with loans who are withdrawing from Clarkson should contact Student Administrative Services to arrange for an exit interview.