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ROTC at Clarkson University is an elective course of study that provides college-trained officers to the United States Army and Air Force. Upon graduation and successful completion of either the Army program in Military Science or the Air Force program in Aerospace Studies, students receive appointments as commissioned officers at the rank of second lieutenant. Each program provides a Basic Course in the first and sophomore years, and an Advanced Course in the junior and senior years. Sophomores who did not participate during their first two years may qualify for admission into the Army Advanced Course by attending a special, expenses-paid, four-week Leader’s Training Course in the summer prior to their junior year. There are other entry options available for veterans and graduate students. Students may enroll in the ROTC Basic Course without incurring any military service obligation.

Admission to junior and senior (300- and 400-) level classes is contingent upon successful completion of first-year and sophomore curriculum (or its equivalent) and qualifications in leadership, academic proficiency, and physical fitness. In special situations, students may qualify for admission into 300- and 400-level curriculum by meeting other criteria. Academic credit toward graduation requirements for Military Science and Aerospace Studies courses is determined by the individual schools at Clarkson. Interested individuals should contact the Professor of Military Science or the Professor of Aerospace Studies.

Uniforms and books required for ROTC courses are furnished free of charge to students in the Basic and Advanced Courses. Advanced-course students are currently paid a $450-$500 per month (tax-free) stipend on a 10-month-per-year basis to offset living costs. Additionally, qualified students are eligible to compete for Army and Air Force scholarships.


Steve Yianoukos — Chair; Director Bill Bergan; Instructors Johan Dulfer, Jim Kane, Laurel Kane, KJ Krasco, Michael Maguire, Kelly Norman, Michael Pitts, Caitlin Powderly

Physical Education offers an array of optional courses that vary based upon student interest and the season. The program is designed to offer a variety of activities in individual, lifetime and team sports which augment the required Personal Wellness course. Special attention is given to those activities with significant carry-over values for lifelong participation.

Optional Physical Education Courses
Weight Training Techniques, EMT/CPR Lifesaving, Golf, Racquetball, Aerobic Fitness, Badminton

In cooperation with the University medical staff, the Physical Education Department will assist those students who are physically disabled to design a program best suited to their capabilities.

The Henry R. Hodge Sports and Recreation Complex is located adjacent to the residence halls and offers facilities for team and recreational activities. Included in the complex are the Alumni Gymnasium; the Fitness Center; the Schuler Recreation Building, which houses the Stephenson Field House and the Fuller Pool; and the Snell Athletic Fields. Other fields, some lighted, are also available for athletic and recreational use.

The Department of Athletics and Recreation offers a number of summer camp opportunities. Please contact them directly at 315-268-6622 or visit them on the Web at for more details.

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