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School of Engineering - Graduate Programs

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The Coulter School of Engineering offers Master of Science, Master of Engineering, and Ph.D. degrees in each department. There is also an interdisciplinary Engineering Science graduate program managed by the dean of the School of Engineering.

The graduate programs are designed to prepare students for careers in research, development, design, and education. Admission to graduate study will be granted to qualified applicants who hold a baccalaureate degree in engineering from an accredited institution or who have equivalent qualifications.  Complete details of the Coulter School of Engineering graduate programs and opportunities are available at

M.S. and Ph.D. Programs
Through the Coulter School of Engineering, Clarkson offers the following Master of Science (M.S.) degrees: chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, and engineering science. At the Ph.D. level, students may pursue chemical, civil and environmental, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering, and engineering science.  Interdisciplinary information technology (IT), computer science (MS) and environmental science and engineering (MS, PhD) degrees are also available.

For those interested in an academic or industrial research career, Clarkson’s M.S. and Ph.D. programs in engineering provide an opportunity to pursue leading-edge research and a high degree of specialization. An off-campus Ph.D. program provides opportunity for fully employed students to pursue a Ph.D. in conjunction with their professional work,

For information regarding the admission process, application procedure, degree requirements, and financial assistance, see the Graduate School. To learn more about faculty members and research areas, contact the appropriate department or e-mail Additional information is also available at

The University offers a wide range of opportunities to pursue research interests. See details for each department and the Research and Academic Centers.

Financial Assistance
A wide range of financial assistance is available to full-time graduate students. Full Research and Teaching Assistantships are available on a limited basis for M.S. and Ph.D. students in engineering. This includes a stipend and full-tuition waiver. Partial tuition scholarships are also available in all areas.

Master of Engineering Program
The Master of Engineering program provides a flexible mixture of engineering practice, design, and specialized coursework. The program includes a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit and is structured to be completed by full time students within one calendar year. The 21 hours minimum of required coursework must include at least 12 credits earned from the Coulter School of Engineering.

Two seminar credits and from 1 - 7 credit hours of project work will count toward the 30 credit-hour minimum requirement. Students pursuing a dual ME/MBA degree complete all degree requirements in the first year and then move on to the MBA program requirements.

Partial tuition scholarships are available for students in the Master of Engineering program.

ME/MBA Dual Degree Option
Students have the opportunity to earn two master’s degrees in two years, developing both engineering and management skills in a stimulating, project-based environment.


Students first complete a program leading to a 30-credit hour, non-thesis Master of Engineering degree. This program focuses on practical engineering applications in an environment that can span the boundaries between traditional disciplines. The Business Concepts Program is then offered to students during the summer between earning the Master of Engineering and beginning the nine-month MBA program to cover pre-requisites for the MBA. Up to 10 1.5 credit “Business Concepts” courses can be completed at no tuition cost to participants in this dual degree program. MBA courses completed during the second year emphasize teamwork, leadership and managerial skills. In addition to the ME requirements and management concept courses, the MBA component of this option requires:


35 credit hours total


  • 10 modules (20 credits)


  • 4 electives taken in the spring semester (12 credits)


  • Experiential learning or study abroad option available (3 credits)


For more information on the one-year MBA program, visit




Application to the dual ME/MBA is initiated through the Coulter School of Engineering admission process. The applicant will be reviewed by both schools. The personal statement should include two parts, one related to desire the ME program and the one related to the MBA program (more details).