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School of Business - Minors, Concentrations and Special Options

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Minor in Business
The minor in Business is designed for students with a major outside of the school of Business who wish to pursue a collateral area in Business. Completion of the minor provides broad exposure to the foundations of major business functions. These areas include accounting, economics, finance, law, organizational behavior, operations management and marketing. All students choosing to minor in Business must complete 18 credit hours, or six courses, from among the following:

EC150   Principles of Microeconomics
EC151   Principles of Macroeconomics
AC205   Introduction to Accounting for Decision Analysis
LW270   Law and Society I
OS286   Organizational Behavior
FN361   Financial Management I
OM331   Operations & Supply Chain Management*
MK320   Principles of Marketing*
*IS200 is a 1-credit required corequisite.

Minor in Economics
The development of an understanding in economics is not only necessary for all managers but also for all those seeking to understand how and why economic forces affect and shape the society and the world we live in. The success of any business ultimately depends on the decisions its managers make concerning the allocation of resources under differing market and economic conditions. Successful decision making requires a good understanding of markets and the central role that economic incentives play within and outside the firm. The Clarkson economics minor is designed to give students the basic tools and analytical background in economic analysis. The minor in economics can complement almost any major, whether in arts and sciences, business or engineering. The minor in economics consists of 18 credit hours of economic courses as follows:

Principles of Microeconomics (EC150, equivalent)
Principles of Macroeconomics (EC151 or equivalent)
Econometrics and Business Statistics (EC311 or equivalent)
Three electives (9 credit hours) of 300- or 400-level EC designated courses

Minor in Law Studies
The minor in Law Studies is primarily designed for students who wish to structure their academic program to help prepare for law school. The minor also serves the needs of students, such as those who have an interest in human resources management, project management or political science, who want to learn more about the field of law and its many diverse issues and perspectives. All students choosing to minor in Law studies must complete 18 credit hours (six courses) and satisfy the following requirements:

The following courses are required:

LW270   Law and Society I
LW/POL499   Law Studies Minor Portfolio (no credit)

Students choose two courses from the following list of courses with substantive law content:

LW466   Law and the Workplace
LW471   Law and Society II
POL371   Environmental Law
POL400   Constitutional Law

Students choose two courses from the following list:

LW490   Internship                 COMM428    Public Debate and the Environment 
PHIL240   Contemporary Moral Issues   POL362   Human Rights Law & Politics  
PHIL380   Law and Bioethics   POL/SOC470   Environmental Policy
PHIL243   Business Ethics   ANTH332   Cities and Social Justice
PHIL341   Professional Ethics        

Students must complete one of the following Communications courses:

COMM210   Theory of Rhetoric for   COMM410   Theory and Philosophy
    Business, Science       of Communication
    and Engineering   COMM217   Introduction to
            Public Speaking

Minor in Quality-based Project Management
Clarkson University offers a minor in Project Management that is available to all undergraduate students. This minor is intended for students in all majors who want to prepare themselves for potential careers in project-centered work. A unique benefit of this minor is that students can pursue certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI) ™ after completing the requirements of minor. PMI’s Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) ® is considered the pathway to the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification that is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest growing professional certifications in many industries and career areas. Additionally, certain students may opt to sit for the American Society for Quality’s “Certified Quality Improvement Associate” exam since the OM485 course covers the body of knowledge for that particular certification. Students who pursue the minor are under no obligation to sit for the CAPM ® or CQIA ®, which require an application and separate fee, completed and paid for by the student.

To achieve a minor in “Quality-based Project Management,” students must maintain a 2.0 average in the five (5) three-credit courses, distributed in the following fashion:

  1. All three (3) of these courses:
    OM/EM480   Project Management (Prerequisite: statistics course)
    OM/EM351    Quality Management and Lean Enterprise (Prerequisite: statistics)
    SB305   Cost Management
  2. Elective Courses (Choose any pair):
    OS/EM286    Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite: sophomore standing)
    OS352   Strategic Human Resource Management
        (Co/Prerequisite: IS211 or IS200, Prerequisite: OS286)
    OS/EM286    Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite: sophomore standing)
    OS466   Negotiations and Relationship Management (Prerequisite: OS286)
    OM/EM331   Operations and Supply Chain Management
        (Pre/Corequisite: IS211 or IS200; Prerequisite: statistics)
    OM/EM476   Management of Technology (Co/Prerequisite: OM331)


The principles behind supply chain management focus on developing seamless flows of raw materials, products/services, information, and financial capital. The supply chain starts at the initial design process and includes raw material sourcing, logistics and continues through the delivery of that product or service to the end customer, with a goal of creating customer satisfaction at optimal cost.

A concentration in Global Supply Chain Management requires 15 or more credit hours of specified coursework. Completion of an approved concentration is indicated on a student’s transcript. See (link) for a complete listing of all concentrations available. Global Supply Chain Management is a concentration offered through the School of Business that is available to E&M students.

Students must take these classes:
EM 341   Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Design
MK 431   Supply Chain Distribution Channels
IS 428   Info. Systems for Supply Chain Mgmt

Additionally, students must two courses from the following:

EM 351   Quality Mgmt. & Lean Enterprise
OS 466   Negotiations & Relationship Mgmt.
EM 361   Supply Chain Environmental Mgmt.

Aretê: Liberal Arts and Business Double Major
This unique interdisciplinary option allows students to combine the study of liberal arts with business. Aretê is designed to unite the broadening perspectives of the liberal arts with a solid grounding in business principles. The program emphasizes ethics and social responsibility, an appreciation of international perspectives, problem solving and critical thinking, oral and written communication, and individual values and goals clarification.

Upon graduation, Aretê students receive a B.S. degree with a double major combining one of the business majors with one of the liberal arts disciplines. During their undergraduate careers, Aretê students are involved in the development of their own academic program. With the assistance of two advisors (one in the School of Business, one in Liberal Arts), students can match their personal interests and strengths to courses that promote professional development and cultivate business expertise. 

Aretê emphasizes team-building by involving students in planning co-curricular activities, collaborating with faculty in selecting and designing special courses, and participating in development of the guidelines and policies of the program. Aretê offers a wide scope of experiences and opportunities and is well suited to students who seek educational breadth and want to take an energetic role in decisions that influence their personal development and professional goals.  (For more information, see the Aretê Program Curriculum.)

Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, and Pre-Veterinary Programs
Students may earn a degree in any major program and also prepare for careers in health sciences. Students interested in preparing for professional schools in dentistry, medicine or veterinary science should contact the Health Professions Advisory Committee in the dean’s office in the School of Arts & Sciences at 315-268-6544.

Pre-Physical Therapy Leading into the Professional Physical Therapy Graduate Program
Students interested in preparing for entrance into Clarkson’s Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program should call the associate dean for Health Sciences at 315-268-3786 (see Programs in Physical Therapy).

Pre-law advising is available for students in the School of Business to help them develop academic programs that will serve as a strong foundation for future legal studies. A list of pre-law advisors is available through the dean’s office in the School of Business. The advisors provide counseling and information about law schools and careers in law. To foster a sense of professionalism and a better understanding of careers in law, interested students may participate in Clarkson’s Pre-Law Society.

Global Study Requirement
All business majors area required to complete a global student requirement. Students interested in cultural and trade relations between the United States and other countries may participate in the University International Student Exchange Program. It is expected that qualified students will complete a study exchange for at least one semester. Please refer to University Outreach and Student Affairs for more details on this program. If a student is not eligible for the Student Exchange Program, there are other options available for the student to fulfill the global study requirement including participation in a two-three week faculty led trip (SB399 Global Business Experience) to a foreign country.

Co-ops, Internships and Professional Experience
Students interested in gaining work experience and fulfilling their professional experience requirement while in college are encouraged to participate in the University Co-op or Internship Program. Please refer to University Outreach and Student Affairs for more details on these programs. Additionally, the School of Business may approve internships arranged by a student as fulfilling the professional experience requirement.

Honors Program
Clarkson offers a four-year undergraduate University Honors Program for exceptionally talented students in any major. For more information call the director at 315-268-2290.