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The number following the degree program is the Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) code for classifying academic areas designated by the New York State Education Department. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student’s eligibility for certain student aid awards.

Undergraduate Degree Programs   Graduate Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science   Master of Science
Global Supply Chain Management 0509   Management Systems 0506
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 0506   Professional Management 0506
Financial Information and Analysis 0504   Master of Business Administration
Information Systems and   (MBA) Management 0506
Business Processes 0599   ENGINEERING
ENGINEERING   Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Science   Chemical Engineering 0906
Aeronautical Engineering 0902   Civil Engineering 0908
Chemical Engineering 0906   Electrical Engineering 0909
Civil Engineering 0908   Mechanical Engineering 0910
Computer Engineering 0999   Master of Science
Electrical Engineering 0909   Chemical Engineering 0906
Environmental Engineering 0922   Civil Engineering 0908
Mechanical Engineering 0910   Electrical Engineering 0909
Software Engineering 0999   Engineering Science 0901
ARTS AND SCIENCES   Mechanical Engineering 0910
Bachelor of Science   Doctor of Philosophy
American Studies 0313   Chemical Engineering 0906
Applied Mathematics and Statistics 1703   Civil and Environmental
Biology 0401   Engineering 0908
Biomolecular Science 0499   Electrical and Computer Engineering 0909
Chemistry 1905   Engineering Science 0901
Communication 0601   Materials Science and Engineering 0915
Computer Science 0701   Mechanical Engineering 0910
Digital Arts and Sciences 0605   SCIENCE
Environmental Health Science 0426   Master of Science
Environmental Science & Policy 0420   Basic Science 4902
History 2205   Chemistry 1905
Humanities 1501   Mathematics 1701
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies 4901   Physics 1902
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 2201   Doctor of Philosophy
Mathematics 1701   Chemistry 1905
Physics 1902   Computer Science 0701
Political Science 2207   Mathematics 1701
Psychology 2001   Physics 1902
Social Documentation   Doctor of Physical Therapy
INTERDISCIPLINARY   Physical Therapy 1212
Bachelor of Science   Master of Science
Aretê   Computer Science 0701
Environmental Science and Policy 0420   Engineering and Global Operations
Environmental Health Science 0426   Management 0913
Engineering and Management 4904   Environmental Science and Engineering 0922
Software Engineering 0999   Information Technology 0702
Bachelor of Professional Studies   Doctor of Philosophy
Individually Designed Program 4999    Environmental Science and Engineering 0922
    Materials Science and Engineering 0915