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Environmental Engineering Laboratory

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Major research space and instrumentation, totaling in excess of 26,000 square feet, for conducting environmental research is contained in the William J. Rowley Laboratories, the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science, the Center for Advanced Materials Processing, and the Clarkson Science Center. These facilities are well equipped for physical, chemical, and biological experimentation, as well as testing of processes on a pilot scale. In addition to a full range of equipment used for environmental analysis, these laboratories house specialized instrumentation including: the Hewlett-Packard chromatography facility (gas, liquid, and ion chromatographs with a wide array of detection capabilities); a mass spectroscopy lab (gas, liquid, inductively coupled plasma, and single particle); colloid analysis equipment (electrophoresis, particle characterization); state-of-the-art mercury analysis equipment; optical and scanning and transmission electron microscopes; proton and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer; UV and visible spectrometers; pressure and ultrafiltration equipment; a clean lab and six temperature-controlled environmental rooms.