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James K. Edzwald

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James K. Edzwald
Professor and Chair
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
140B Rowley Laboratories
Clarkson University
PO Box 5710
Potsdam, NY 13699-5710
Phone: 315-268-3844

B.S. University of Maryland (1964)
M.S. University of Maryland (1968)
PhD. University of North Carolina

Teaching Interests
Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes;
Water (Environmental Chemistry)
Design of Water Supply Systems
Design of Water Plants

Research Interests
Physical-chemical treatment processes, Water supply and drinking water research; Water chemistry; Water quality and pollution

Dexter Brackett Publication Award, JNWWA, 2015
Past President’s Publication Award, JNEWWA, 2010
AEESP, Founders Award, 2009
Dexter Brackett Publication Award, JNEWWA, 2008
AEESP, Outstanding Publication Award, 2004
A.P. Black Research Award, 2004, AWWA
James L. Tighe Civil Engineering Distinguished Teaching, UMass, 1992
UMass Engineering Alumni Association, Outstanding Senior Faculty Award, 1990
ASCE, Samual Arnold Greeley Award for Publication in JEED, 1988
College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award, UMass, 1987
Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize, 1984, ASCE
Pergamon Publication Medal, IAWPRC, 1984

Edzwald, J.K. and Haarhoff, J., Dissolved Air Flotation for Water Clarification, McGraw Hill, 2012

Edzwald, J.K., Editor, Water Quality and Treatment: A Handbook on Drinking Water, 6th ed, AWWA-McGraw Hill, NY, 2011

Recent Journal Publications
Edzwald, J.K., Coagulation and mixing: history and present versus sustainable practice, JNEWWA, Vol. CXXVIII (4), pp. 301-313, (2014).

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