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Andrea Ferro

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Andrea Ferro
206 Rowley Laboratories
Clarkson University
PO Box 5710
Potsdam, NY 13699-5710
Phone: 315-268-7649

B.S., University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1989)
M.S., Stanford University (1992)
Ph.D., Stanford University (2002)

Registered Professional Engineer, State of Massachusetts

Dr. Ferro teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental engineering, sustainable development, air pollution, and human exposure analysis. She is the faculty advisor for the Clarkson environmental conservation organization (ECO) and the Clarkson student chapter of the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR).

Courses taught include:
CE/EV/BY313 - Biogeochemical Earth Systems
CE340 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CE477/577 - Atmospheric Chemistry (also listed as CM476/576, CH576)
CE491 - Senior Design (Water Resources/Environmental)
CE433/ES533 - Human Exposure Analysis
EV432/532 – Risk Analysis
CE434/534 – Sustainable Development Engineering

Research Interest
Dr. Ferro's research interests are in the areas of indoor air quality, fate and transport of pollutants in the built environment, resuspension of particulate matter, human exposure to pollutants, and exposure versus health effect relationships for nanoparticles and allergens/asthmagens. 

Recent Publications
1. Zíková, Nadezda, Philip K. Hopke, and Andrea R. Ferro. 2016. “Evaluation of new low-cost particle monitors for PM2.5 concentration measurements.” Journal of Aerosol Science, Vol. 105, pp. 24-34.

2. Manikonda, Abisek, Naděžda Zíková, Philip K. Hopke, and Andrea R. Ferro. 2016. “Laboratory assessment of low-cost PM monitors.” Journal of Aerosol Science, Vol. 102, pp. 29-40.

3. Bramwell, Lisa, Jing Qian, Cynthia Howard-Reed, Sumona Mondal, and Andrea R. Ferro. 2015. An Evaluation of the Impact of Flooring Types on Exposures to Fine and Coarse Particles within the Residential Micro-Environment using CONTAM. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Vol. 26, pp. 86-9.

4. Goldasteh, Iman, Goodarz Ahmadi and Andrea Ferro. 2015. Particle Detachment from Rough Surfaces in Turbulent Flows: An Analytical Expression for Resuspension Fraction. Particulate Science and Technology, Vol. 33, pp. 539-545.

5. Goldasteh, Iman, Yilin Tian, Goodarz Ahmadi and Andrea R. Ferro. 2014. Human induced flow field and resultant particle resuspension and transport during gait cycle. Building and Environment, Vol. 77, pp. 101-109.

6. Qian, Jing, Iman Goldasteh, Behtash Tavakoli, Goodarz Ahmadi and Andrea Ferro. 2014. “Building removal of particulate pollutant plume during outdoor resuspension event.” Building and Environment, Vol. 75, pp. 161-169.

7. Tian, Yilin, Kyung Sul, Jing Qian, Sumona Mondal and Andrea R. Ferro. 2014. “A comparative study of walking‐induced dust resuspension using a consistent test mechanism.” Indoor Air, Vol. 24, pp. 592-603.

8. Qian, Jing, Jordan Peccia, Andrea R. Ferro. 2014. Walking-induced particle resuspension in indoor environments. Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 89, pp. 464-481.

9. Morris, David, Julien Fatisson, Nathalie Tufenkji and Andrea Ferro. 2014. “Real-time monitoring of airborne cat allergen using a QCM-based immunosensor.” Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, Vol. 190, pp. 851-857.

10. Goldasteh, Iman, Goodarz Ahmadi and Andrea Ferro. 2013. “Monte Carlo simulation of micron-size spherical particle removal and resuspension from substrate in turbulent flows.” Journal of Aerosol Science, Vol. 66, pp. 62-71.

11. Goldasteh, Iman, Goodarz Ahmadi and Andrea Ferro. 2013. “Wind tunnel study and numerical simulation of irregularly shaped particle resuspension from indoor surfaces in turbulent flow.” Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, in press. Online version DOI:10.1080/01694243.2012.747729.

12. Nazridoust, Kambiz, Goodarz Ahmadi, Chaosheng Liu, Andrea R. Ferro, Timothy R. McAuley, Peter A. Jaques, Philip K. Hopke. 2013. “Distribution of nanoparticles near a major U.S. and Canada trade bridge: comparison of simulations with field data.” Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 13: 3-12, 2013.

13. Amouei Torkmahalleh, Mehdi, Iman Goldasteh, Yijia Zhao, Nnennaya Mgbo Udochu, Alan Rossner, Philip K. Hopke, Andrea R. Ferro. 2012. “PM2.5 and ultrafine particles emitted during heating of commercial cooking oils.” Indoor Air, Vol. 22, pp. 483-491.

14. Tovey, Euan and Andrea Ferro. 2012. “Time for new methods for avoidance of HDM and other allergens.” Current Allergy and Asthma Reports, Vol. 12, pp. 465-477.

15. Goldasteh, Iman, Goodarz Ahmadi and Andrea Ferro. 2012. “A model for removal of compact, rough, irregularly shaped particles from surfaces in turbulent flows.” The Journal of Adhesion, Vol. 88, pp. 766–786.

16. McAuley, Timothy R., Ryann Fisher, Xiaodong Zhou, Peter A. Jaques, Andrea R. Ferro. 2010. "Relationships of Outdoor and Indoor Ultrafine Particles at Residences Downwind of a Major International Border Crossing in Buffalo, NY." Indoor Air, Vol. 20, pp. 298-308.

17. McAuley, Timothy R., Andrea R. Ferro, Philip K. Hopke, Peter A. Jaques. 2010. “Spatial measurements of ultrafine particles using an Engine Exhaust Particle SizerTM within a local community downwind of a major trade bridge in Buffalo, N.Y.” Aerosol Science and Technology, Vol. 44, pp. 1096-1104.

18. Raja, Suresh, Ying Xu, Andrea R. Ferro, Peter A. Jaques, Philip K. Hopke. 2010. “Resuspension of indoor aeroallergens and relationship to lung inflammation in asthmatic children.” Environment International, Vol. 36, pp. 8-14.

19. Xu, Ying, Suresh Raja, Andrea R. Ferro, Peter A. Jaques, Philip K. Hopke, Cheryl Gressani and Larry E. Wetzel. 2010. “Effectiveness of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with HEPA filter unit on indoor air quality and asthmatic children's health.” Building and Environment, Vol. 45, pp. 330-337.

Andrea Ferro