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Hung Tao Shen

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Hung Tao Shen

Distinguished Research Professor in Hydraulic Engineering (Joined Clarkson in 1976)
232 Rowley Laboratories
Clarkson University
PO Box 5710,
Potsdam, NY 13699-5710
Phone: 315-268-6606

PhD Mechanics and Hydraulics - University of Iowa 1974
ME Water Resources Engineering - Asian Institute of Technology 1969

Teaching Interests
River hydraulics; cold regions hydraulic engineering; sediment transport; hydrodynamics dispersion.

Research Interests
River and sea ice processes; transport of pollutants in surface waters; mathematical modeling of surface water hydraulics. Current projects include river ice modeling; river dynamics; sediment tranport and channel Morphology under ice conditions.

- Ice Research and Engineering Award, Int'l Assoc. for Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research, 2008
- Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award, American Society of Civil Engineering, 2007
- Gerard Medal, Canadian Geophysical Union - Hydrology Section, 2001
- CAN-AM Civil Engineering Amity Award, American Society of Civil Engineering, 2000
- Harold R. Peyton Award for Cold Regions Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineering, 2000

Visiting Appointments
1983-1984 Research Hydraulic Engineer, U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab., Hanover, NH
1990-1991 Visiting Professor, Lulea University, Sweden
1998-1999 Visiting Professor, Iwate University (Distinguished Visiting Professor, Japan Ministry of Education), and Hokkaido River Disaster Prevention Research Center
2012-2016 (Spring semesters) Visiting Professor, Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2010–present Distinguished Visiting Professor, Inner Mongolia Agriculture University, China
2014-present Visiting Chair Professor, State Key Lab. of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering, Sichuan University

Selected Publications
Shen, H. T. 2016. “River Ice Processes, Chapter 14, Advances in Water Resources, Handbook of Environmental Engineering, Vol. 16, C.T. Yang and L.K. Wang, Eds., Springer International Publishing. Humana Press, Inc., NJ, USA pp. 483-530.

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