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Structural & Materials Engineering

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Structural engineering and solid mechanics research at Clarkson includes:

  • Testing and modeling of energy-absorbent structural materials such as fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Fundamental studies of ice mechanics and behavior
  • Remote sensing using ground penetrating radar
  • Analytical and experimental studies of seismic behavior of structures
  • Modeling of dynamic response and damage in aerospace composites
  • Constitutive modeling of civil engineering materials
  • Analysis of elastic contact problems
  • Analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures
  • Ferrocement elements
  • Computer-aided design
  • Implementation of composite materials
  • Testing and modeling of earthquake resistant structures
  • Novel cement based materials for multifunctional applications
  • Fundamental studies on hydration and property development in cement based materials
  • Non-invasive sensing systems for concretes
  • Fracture and fatigue of structural elements.