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CEM Undergraduate Concentration

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Concentration in Construction Engineering Management

The professional concentration in Construction Engineering Management (CEM) is available to civil engineering students to focus their electives on courses pertinent to the field of construction engineering management. Electives used to satisfy requirements of the concentration include a set of courses that reflect the sub-disciplines of Construction Engineering as defined by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, ABET, Inc.

Components of the Concentration

The CEM Concentration focuses on three key compenents:

Construction:  Using ABET’s Construction Engineering criteria as a guide, this is a set of skills, knowledge, and abilities that enable graduates to tackle the challenges of the construction industry; in the field and in the office

Engineering:  The know-how to apply math and science to meet human-kind’s pressing needs and design solutions that build a sustainable, better world for all

Management:  Possessing the leadership and interpersonal skills that makes teamwork a success and meet corporate or other needs

The concentration offers courses that enable students to be successful in careers in the areas of Building (Vertical) Construction and/or Civil/Heavy-Highway (Horizontal) Construction.

Concentration Requirements

The Concentration Requirements change periodically to address industry trends, technological innovations, and new techniques.  The current requirements can be found here.  In order to obtain a certificate for the concentration, students must complete those requirements that are in place at the time they declare the concentration.  As the requirements change, students will be "grandfathered" to those requirements they began with, or they may opt to take on the new requirements at the discretion of their advisor and the Director of CEM.

The Current Undergraduate CEM Concentration Requirements can be found here.