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George I. Alden Trusteducation
CiSCO Foundationeconomic development, education, engineering/technology, health care, science, social entrepreneurship
Getty Foundationeducation, human services
J.M. McDonald Foundationeducation, humanities, human services
Key Bank Foundationeducation, health care, science, technology,
Ruth Mott Foundationarts, youth development, community/economic development
Robert Wood Johnson Foundationaging, child development, health care, leadership development, medical school, nursing care, public health
Charles Edison Fundarts, education, engineering/technology, medical research, science
Blackstone Charitable Foundationcommunity development, economic development, urban/community development, entrepreneurship
John Ben Snow Foundation, Inc. and Memorial Trusteducation, environment
Alcoa FoundationEducation, environment, science, mathematics, transportation
American Occupational Therapy FoundationPublic health, occupational therapy
Bell Labs Prizecommunications technologies
Neighbor to NationAIDS, autism research, brain research, cancer research, medical research, diabetes research
New York Academy of Medicinehealth care, medical research
New York Community TrustAIDS, cancer, civil/human rights, environment, health care, youth development
New York State Council of the Artsarts, music
New York Stem Cell Fund - Neuroscienceneuroscience
New York Stem Cell Fund - Stem Cellautism, diabetes, cancer, lung diseases, medical research, multiple sclerosis, pathology research
Northern New York Community Foundationarts, education, health care, human services
P&Ganimal welfare, arts, engineering/technology, economic development, public health, mathematics
The David and Lucile Packard Foundationagriculture, arts, civil liberties, education, environment, engineering, population studies, science, reproductive health
Pardee Foundation, Elsa U.cancer, medical research
Pew Charitable Trustsbiomedicine, medicine,or related fields, employment, environment, health care, science
PhRMA Foundationmedical school/education, pharmacy
Prostate Cancer Foundationprostate cancer, prostate cancer research
Qualcomm Charitable Foundationarts, education, health care, medical research
Rasmussen Foundation (V. Kann)climate change, unsustainable consumption, loss of biodiversity
Research Corporation for Science Advancementastronomy, chemistry, physics, science
The Retirement Research Foundationcivil/human rights, geriatrics, gerontology, health care, mental health
Rita Allen Foundationagriculture, biology, humanities, health care, youth development, medical research
Rochester Area Community Foundationarts, education, environment, health care, youth development
Searle Scholars Programbiochemistry, cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, chemistry, medicine, biological sciences.
Shipley Foundationhigher education
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundationeconomics, engineering, science
State Farm Companies Foundationeducation, higher education, voluntarism promotion
Stewart’s Shops heath, education
Verizon Foundationarts, asthma, computer science, diabetes, education, environment, engineering, health care, mathematics, pediatrics
Verizon Wireless Corporate Giving Programfamily services,crime/violence prevention
W.K. Kelloggkids education, kids heath
Walgreens Assistance, care, environmental sustainability
The Wallace Foundationarts, education
Walmart Foundationaging, agriculture, arts, civil/human rights, education, environment, health care, public health, nutrition
Kimmel Scholar Awardcancer research
Kinney Drugs Foundationhealth care, human services, cancer, public health school/education
Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc.epilepsy research, medical research, neuroscience research
Knapp Medical Center Foundationbreast cancer, children/youth services, environment, health care, nutrition
Kohl’s Corporation Contributions Programbreast cancer, environment, nutrition
The Kresge Foundationenvironment energy, environment government agencies, health care, public policy research, community/economic development
The Lawrence Foundationeducation, environment, human services
The Tom and Frances Leach Foundation, Inc.arts, education, health care, medicine
The Lemelson Foundationbusiness/industry, engineering/technology, higher education, economic development
Lockheed Martinengineering/technology, environment, health care, human services, mathematics, science
Lake Placid Education Fundeduccation, culture, connectivity, environment
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)biomedicine, cancer research, eye research, pathology, science
L’Oréal Women in Science Fellowshipsbiology/life sciences, cancer, chemistry, computer science, education, engineering, health care, mathematics, science
Luce Foundation, Henry - Claire Boothe Luceinternational affairs, public policy, environment, engineering/technology
Lumina Foundationhigher education
Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundationbiomedicine research, medical research
March of Dimes Foundationgenetic diseases and disorders, genetic diseases and disorders research
The Margaret E. Early Medical Research Trust cancer, higher education, medical school/education
Mary and George Herbert Zimmerman Foundationalzheimer’s disease, education, health care, human services
James S. McDonnell Foundationhigher education, urban/community development
McKnight Foundationchild development, environment, neuroscience, transportation, youth development
Merck & Co. - Corporate Giving ProgramAIDS, diabetes, food services, health care, nutrition
Merck Childhood Asthma Networkasthma, health care, lung diseases
Merck Company Foundationdiabetes, food services, environment, mathematics, nutrition, science, public health, pediatrics
Metlife Foundationalzheimer’s disease, arts, education, health care, social entrepreneurship, microfinance/microlending
Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.chemistry, computer science, education, science, mathematics
The Milbank Foundationhealth care, palliative care
Motorola Solutionseducation, human services, mathematics, science
The John Ben Snow Memorial Trustcommunity/economic development, environment, health organizations, libraries/library science, media, print publishing
The John R. and Inge P. Stafford Foundationcancer, education, human services, health care, hospitals (specialty)
John Templeton Foundationeconomic development, health care, science, leadership development
Jolyn Foundation, Inc.agriculture/food, housing/shelter, human services
JPMorgan Chase & Co.arts, education, economic self-reliance
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation education, mathematics, science
W.M. Keck Foundation arts, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, science
Kern Family Foundationeducation, youth development
Gladys Brooks Foundationhealth care, higher education, libraries/library science
Glenn Foundation for Medical Researchbiology/life sciences, geriatrics research, medical research,
The John A. Hartford Foundation, care, geriatrics, aging, centers/services
Hearst Foundationsculture, higher education, health, social service
Leach Family Foundation, Inc. scientific research
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation education programs, environment, global poverty
Hewlett Family Foundation, Inc.arts, education, environment
HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)biology/life sciences, higher education, medical research, medical school/education
International Human Frontier Science Program Organizationscience
II-VI Foundationhigher education
JetBlue Foundationaviation, environment, education
CitiGroup Foundationmicrofinance, financial services, employment, economic development, business
Comstock Memorial Scholarship Trusteducation
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fund - Damon Runyon Fellowship Awardcancer research
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fund - Damon Runyon Scientist Training Awardmedical research
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fund - Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Fellowship Awardcancer research
The Dana Foundationbrain research, health organizations, neuroscience, science
Diamondston Foundation public health
International Human Right Funder Groupgeriatrics, health care, human services
Dominion Foundationagriculture, environment, animals
Donald F. and Edna G. Bishop Scholarship Foundationhigher education
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation environment, medical research, animals/wildlife
The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.chemistry, science, engineering
Flight Attendant Medical Research Institutelung diseases, lung research, medical research
Ford Foundationagriculture, AIDS, civil rights, economics, economic development, education, environment, social sciences, rural development, reproductive health, law, international economic development,
The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundationarts, health care, higher education
Furthermore grants in publishingpublishing
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation agriculture, economic development, education, health care, immunology, economic development, libraries, research
The Gerber Foundation - Pediatric Researchpediatric health, pediatric nutrition
The Gerber Foundation - Novice Research Awardhealth care, nutrition, pediatrics, science
American Federation for Aging Researchaging, geriatrics research, gerontology, medical research
The American Geriatrics Societyaging, geriatrics
American Honda Foundationeducation, engineering/technology, environment, mathematics, science
American Thoracic Society - ATS/Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American Research Grant lung diseases, lung research
Arthur Vining Davis Foundationsmedia, medical school, higher education
Bank of America Charitable Foundation education, community development
The Arnold and Mabel Beckman FoundationAIDS research, cancer, chemistry, engineering/technology, eye diseases, science, physics, marine science
Booth Ferris FoundationArts, education, public affairs
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundationeconomics, education, humanities, political science, public affairs, international affairs
Brain & Behavior Research Foundationschizophrenia, autism, bipolar, attention-deficit hyperactivity, post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorders
Breast Cancer Alliancebreast cancer
Burroughs-Wellcome Fund - Post-doc Enrichmedical research, biology
Burroughs-Wellcome Fund - Reg. Sciencebiology, medical research
Burroughs-Wellcome Fund - Career Awards at the Scientific Interfacebiomedical, education
Burroughs-Wellcome Fund - Career Awards for Medical Scientistseducation, science
Burroughs-Wellcome Fund - Collaborative Research Travel Grantsbiology, medical research
Capital One Foundationcommunity development, education
Caterpillar Foundation education, environment, basic human needs, mathematics, science, engineering/technology
Charles Stewart Mott Foundationchild development, economic development, rural development, environment natural resources, environment pollution control
The CHEST Foundationcancer, asthma, health care, lung diseases
The Mastercard Foundationeducation, financial inclusion, economic opportunities